RV Safety Tips to Stay Safe While RV’ing

rv safety tips

Have you ever been concerned about your RV safety or if RV’ing is even safe? Not the stuff that prevents breakdowns, but we’re talking personal safety.

You might have heard about the recent news of the deaths of Rv’ers James and Michelle Butler. With this news, many Rv’ers are looking for steps they can take to ensure their safety while living the RV Life.

We had concern as well. We’ve traveled thousands of miles in our RV. We’ve stayed in dozens of campgrounds, state parks, and even boondocked a time or two. The thought of something happening – well, it felt downright scary.

We decided we wanted to talk with an expert on personal safety and who better to sit down and talk with than with someone in Law Enforcement. So, here are some real answers on things you can do to stay safe while out on the road. (You do NOT have to live the RV life in fear!)

rv camping and boondocking

Tips for RV Safety – from a Park Ranger

  • Plan in Advance – know where you are going and who you need to contact if something should happen. (Local law enforcement, county sheriff, etc). Know where the nearest hospital is located as well.
  • Avoid posting on social media while you are in a park – post after you leave that area.
  • Know your legal protections. Some states allow conceal-carry if you choose to carry a weapon and it’s important to know your legal protections in the state you are camping in.
  • Make sure you lock your RV every time you leave. Be aware of how it looks when you leave your campsite. If you are towing a trailer, 5th wheel, etc. if can be obvious that you’ve “left camp.”
  • Consider mobility if you do not have access to a second vehicle. If there was an emergency and all you have is your motorhome – how fast can you get on the road when all slides are out, jacks are down, etc.
  • Consider phone coverage. If you choose to boondock often, a Satellite phone can be helpful.
  • Put extra shoes or boots by the door – Especially if you are a solo female camper this can be a great deterrent to not look like you are alone.
  • Dogs! Dogs are not only a great companion but can provide a level of protection.
  • Use Camp Hosts – The camp hosts know the area and can be a second set of eyes on your campsite if you are away from camp.
Dogs are great companions
Dog’s are excellent companions while traveling

Our Tips and recommendations

  • Use social media groups to find out about the best places to stay and places to avoid. We did this when we wanted to visit the St. Louis Area. We were warned to avoid East St. Louis which is what we did. We recently listed to another vlogger talk about their experience staying in East St. Louis – it wasn’t positive and they mentioned they could hear gunshots at night.
  • Have a point of contact – someone should know when they should expect to hear from you.
  • Use common sense – trust your intuition.
  • Consider State Parks as an alternative to boondocking if you are wanting to enjoy more natural areas.

We’d love to hear about your experiences while RV’ing and some of your suggestions too. Head over to our Facebook Group to join the discussion on RV Safety. Be sure to check out all the cool stuff in our shop too!

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  1. I wish more was known about the Butlers and how this happened. All good tips! It’s made us more aware of things.

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