E-bikes And RV Living Review – Are They Worth It?

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are becoming increasingly popular as a means of transportation around campgrounds and RV parks. They provide a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Among the various brands available on the market, Lectric eBikes stand out due to their high performance, affordability, and innovative design.

You might have noticed that e-bikes right now are all-the-craze. And rightly so! They are super fun and a great way to get around the campground or trail, even for those not in the best physical condition.

But are e-bikes and RV Life compatible? We have been checking out e-bikes from Lectric for the past few years and have been testing the new Lectric 3.0 e-bikes in State Parks and on bike trails. We’ve discovered some pros and cons to e-bikes when it comes to RV Travel.

ebikes for rv living

Lectric eBikes are designed with commuters in mind. They come with powerful 500-watt motors and 48V lithium-ion long-lasting batteries, ensuring that riders can easily traverse hills and cover long distances without breaking a sweat. The bikes are equipped with features such as pedal assist, allowing riders to customize the level of power they receive from the motor.

One of the standout features of Lectric eBikes is their affordability and quality. Unlike other high-end electric bikes, Lectric eBikes offer top-of-the-line performance at a fraction of the cost. This makes them accessible to a wider range of consumers, allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of eBiking.

Another aspect that sets Lectric eBikes apart from other brands is their innovative design. The bikes are built with durability and ease of use in mind, featuring lightweight and sturdy frames, comfortable seats, and intuitive controls. Additionally, the bikes come with a range of accessories, including lights, fenders, and racks, making them versatile for a variety of urban commuting needs.

In conclusion, Lectric eBikes are changing the game in the world of electric bicycles. With their powerful performance, affordability, and innovative design, they provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution for urban commuters. Whether you’re looking for a daily commuter or a weekend adventurer, Lectric eBikes are the perfect choice for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and enjoy a new form of transportation.

E-Bikes – The Pros (Why We LOVE them)

Some “pros” when it comes to e-bikes are the typical things that probably come to mind.

  1. Convenience: eBikes make it easier to travel longer distances and tackle hills, making them a convenient alternative for taking a quick trip to the grocery store from the RV park without having to disconnect or drop your tow vehicle.
  2. Eco-Friendly: eBikes are powered by rechargeable batteries, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and making them a more environmentally friendly option.
  3. Exercise: eBikes still require physical effort from the rider, providing a low-impact form of exercise that can be enjoyable and beneficial for one’s health.
  4. Cost-Effective: In the long run, eBikes can be more cost-effective than traditional bikes, as they have lower maintenance costs and save money on transportation expenses.
  5. Increased Accessibility: eBikes can make biking accessible for people who may have difficulty using traditional bikes, such as those with physical disabilities or who are recovering from an injury.
  6. No Parking Hassles: eBikes can be easily stored in a small space, eliminating the need to find a secure place to park. We even purchased the lock accessory from electric, so can quickly lock up the bike when we run into the store.
  7. Increased Fun: eBikes can make riding a bike more enjoyable, allowing riders to travel longer distances and tackle hills with ease.
  8. Reduced Traffic Congestion: By using eBikes instead of cars, there is the potential to reduce traffic congestion, making the roads safer and more efficient for all users.

Being able to go faster and further are the two big benefits that come to mind for us. E-bikes have a battery-operated motor and use something called “pedal” assist that helps propel the bike forward when pedaling. How long this motor lasts really depends on how much you are using the pedal assist and at what level. (Both the Lectric and the Himiway models we’ve tested have 5 levels for pedal assist).

lectric ebike in florida state park
Riding The Lectric 3.0 in the Florida State Parks

Pedal Assist

Having pedal assist can be beneficial for those who need a little extra help with riding a bike on an incline. You can enjoy bike riding while not being in “tip-top” physical condition. This can open up bike riding to a larger group of people. Especially those who would enjoy riding a bike with their spouse or partner. But are not at the same level of physical conditioning. Having 1 person on a traditional bike while the other person is on an e-bike can be a great option for those who are in excellent physical condition, but have a partner that is not at the same level. Likewise, this can be a great way for parents and tweens to enjoy a longer ride together.

Something to note about pedal assist. You will find yourself using the pedal assist almost 100% of the time. This is in part because propelling a very heavy bike on your own is no easy task. If you’re a parent that has towed a bike trailer with a little one, you probably have an idea of what it might feel like trying to ride an e-bike with NO pedal assist.

Having an e-bike as an alternate form of transportation while RVing can be a great option. Being able to zip over to the grocery store, a local farmers market or just riding around the campground can be a great way to use e-bikes while living RV Life. Many e-bikes can be folded which makes them easier to transport.

Himiway and Lectric E-bikes Rv Living

E-Bikes Cons

  1. Cost: eBikes can be more expensive than traditional bicycles, which may not be affordable for everyone. But you can get these bikes for under $1,000, so has become much more reasonable.
  2. Range Limitations: eBikes have a limited range and battery life, which may not be suitable for longer trips.
  3. Maintenance: eBikes require more maintenance than traditional bikes, including regular battery charging and cleaning, which can be time-consuming and costly.
  4. Regulations: eBikes may be subject to different regulations and restrictions in some areas, such as speed limits, licensing requirements, and restrictions on their use on certain trails and roads.
  5. Charging Time: The battery may take several hours to fully charge, which can be inconvenient for some riders.
  6. Charging Infrastructure: The lack of charging infrastructure in some areas can make it difficult to find a place to charge the bike’s battery.
  7. Weather Dependent: eBikes may not be suitable for use in inclement weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow, which can damage the battery and motor.

There are always up and downsides to everything and owning e-bikes while RVing is no exception. The only real “con” we’ve experienced traveling with e-bikes with our older Class A Motorhome is transportation. Transporting the e-bikes (even the foldable kind) can be a challenge. Unless you already own a toy hauler and have the space (and weight capacity) to easily transport e-bikes, it can be a little tricky to figure out how to bring the e-bikes with you.

E-bikes are NOT lightweight. Add a motor and a battery onto a bike frame and you add easily 10-25 pounds of weight (beyond your typical bike weight) depending on the motor and battery size. eBikes can be heavier than traditional bikes, which can make them more difficult to maneuver and carry, especially up stairs or over obstacles.

While there are some racks made specifically for e-bikes, it can be hard to find ones that are rated for 5th wheels, travel trailers, etc. The Lectric bikes are foldable – which helps with space. However, they are still heavy so you have to account for the extra weight if the plan is to fold them and then put them in your RV.

The other thing to consider is storing the e-bikes while at the campground you will want to keep a cover over them so they are out of the elements (also, out of sight, out of mind is always best). You will also want to keep them secured with a bike lock. This lock mounts right to the bike, so you don’t forget it. I attach the key to the lock to the bike key so I always have it with me.

E-bike Lectric RV Living

Is Riding an E-bike Cheating?

It’s important to consider these potential disadvantages when deciding if an e-bike is right for you. However, for many riders, the benefits of using an eBike, such as convenience, eco-friendliness, and increased exercise, outweigh the potential drawbacks.

Yes, totally. But only if you’re expecting riding an e-bike to take the place of your workout. If that is not your expectation, then no need to feel like you’re cheating. Think of it as a fun experience, like the fun you have when out riding around on a Golf Cart! We look at it as a tool that allows us to explore more in a shorter amount of time, and not as a workout or a physically strenuous activity.

Transporting E-Bikes

We are not sure how we are going to travel with our e-bikes yet. The challenge for our family is having 4 riders and needing 4 bikes. Transporting 4 “regular” bicycles is much easier than transporting 4 e-bikes. Our RV setup is a class A diesel pusher towing a Jeep Wrangler. Putting a bike rack on the back of the RV is doable BUT there is a ton of heat in the rear due to the rear engine. Excess heat wouldn’t be good for all of the electrical connections, etc. We believe we have found a solution and will be updating you with how it worked for us in an upcoming post and video, so be sure to stay tuned for updates by downloading our free trip planning guide.

Overall e-bikes are super fun and can make bike riding accessible for more people. If you can fit them into the RV Lifestyle, we think they are a great way to have fun while on the road.

To check out the latest deals on the Lectric Ebike, go to gratefulglamper.com/lectric and be sure to watch our most recent video review on the new Lectric 3.0 ebikes on the channel below.

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  1. We have two full size electric bikes we put on our tow Jeep behind the MH. We use the Kuat NV Base 2.0 bike rack. It works great and Kuat has awesome customer service! Five star business for sure. Now about the bikes…buyer beware as some of the ebike companies are very very difficult to work with. I have a Maxfoot M17 which I love but. It is a cruiser style fat tire but the customer service is horrendous! I have been without my battery and controller now for over a month. I have had it since June and have only used it a handful of times because of issues. My husband has an Aistormotor which is a fat tire mountain bike style. He hasn’t had to use customer service but getting it was not easy. Both companies, the only way to contact them is to email and they are obviously in China and respond in the middle of the night if they respond at all. I actually tried to buy a Himiway originally but had difficulties with that also. Since we are on the road we needed them to both arrive at the same time. They said they could hold one until they were both ready to be shipped at the same time as well as the bike rack I ordered from them. When it came time for shipment they were going to send my husband’s first and mine would come three weeks later which is difficult to make arrangements to pick it up when you’re on the road and they said they wouldn’t hold everything until they can ship it all at one time. When I asked them about the bike rack that wouldn’t have come for another month so I cancelled the order because two bikes with no bike rack wasn’t going to do me any good and the logistics of trying to receive three separate shipping’s was not feasible. I have heard Rad has the best reputation and best customer service. I have not talked to anyone that has had trouble with their Rad bike or customer service and every one of those Rad bike owners love their bikes. I wish I had gone that route originally. I would have definitely explored Lectric but they didn’t have a full size fat tire bike like we wanted. All I can say is do your due diligence on the companies you’re buying from. Try calling your customer service . If you can’t get through on the phone then explore other options. You may want to go onto the Facebook pages of the companies you’re looking at and follow progress of customer service. That will tell you a lot!

    1. This is really great feedback and love the part about checking into and testing customer support. Thanks for the great comment!