Why People will Quit RV Living

RV Life is Changing and many people are not going to like the change. And because of this change, they will give up RV Life altogether. Are you going to be one of them?  Many People Living RV Life Are Frustrated I am going to write about something that is happening in many discussions in the RV Community. This discussion … Read More

RV Roadside Assistance

RV Roadside Assistance

There are a record number of RV’s on the road! However, there are NOT a record number of RV roadside assistance providers – what does this mean for you? Keep reading and we will breakdown what this means for current and future Rvers. Providers Are Overwhelmed Rvtravel.com recently reported: quote “Roadside assistance companies are stretched thin by huge growth in … Read More

Mobile Internet – Staying Connected On The Road.

rv mobile internet

Staying connected when on the road does have to be super complicated. We recently released a video about staying connected while on the road WITHOUT being tech savvy!  How we get the internet while traveling is probably one of the TOP 5 questions people ask us – so let’s roll the intro and dive in.  Now maybe you actually want … Read More

Best RV Gadget Temperature and Humidity Monitor

We’ve recently discovered a little gadget that has now become a must have for us when it comes to RV living and RV Temperature monitoring – the best part? It’s under $40! Why an RV Temperature Monitor? We travel with 1 very large dog and 2 cats. And because we travel with pets we obviously need to make sure our … Read More

5 Secrets Only The Smartest RVers Know….

RV Repair

So we’ve been on the road for about 4 years. And we’ve learned a TON of hacks, tips and tricks along the way. We’ve noticed some “reoccurring themes” from time to time when it comes to the RV Living Tips that others have recommended (and that we’ve also learned first hand). It’s SO nice when you can learn from other … Read More

Buying & Selling An RV – Is Now A Bad Time?

The Best Time To Buy An RV

You know that old saying, “sell high and buy low”? Well, that applies when it comes to buying and selling RV’s right now. Many people have asked us if now is a bad time to buy an rv. And the short answer is “yes.” But that also means now is the PERFECT time to sell an RV. The RV Market … Read More

Find BEST Campsites & Campgrounds

Let me tell you a little story about finding campsites & campgrounds – especially at National Parks, State Parks and National forests with our big rig.  First of all, let’s just dispel the myth that you can’t get a campsite for a big rig at National parks. We’ve camped at several National Parks and in National Forest Campgrounds. Our RV … Read More

Best Beach (You’ve Never Heard Of)

Ponce Inlet

We love to hit the beach! And we’re pretty sure we’ve found the BEST beach in all of the state of Florida! We relocated our home base from Colorado to Central Florida in 2020. We did this because we wanted to be able to travel YEAR round. In Florida, there is no snow, no freezing temps, no need to winterize … Read More

RV Life Laundry

Holding towels and laundry

When we first starting living the RV Life, we used campground laundry facilities or local laundromats for our laundry needs. It reminded me of my college days. -Waiting for someone to switch their loads, for a machine to open up, or wondering when the next person would FINALLY come get their things out of the dryer so I could finish … Read More