119 Must-Have RV Accessories You Should Know About

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When we bought our very first RV, we had RV friends who lived the lifestyle for a few years. They all told us to plan on dropping at least $1,000 on the RV accessories you’ll need for your RV.

I am the kind of person who likes to prove people wrong (yes, I have a strong personality). So, I set out to prove it would not cost much to actually get everything we needed to hit the road. I thrift shopped quite a bit and initially, we outfitted our RV for much less. However, over time we’ve found we’d added more accessories and gadgets that make RV Life easier. So, it’s not that you MUST have everything on this list, but we think you’ll find some helpful tools you might not have thought about.

We organize these by category for easy reading too! Here is the list of the top RV Accessories you might want to think about adding to your camping “must-have list”!

RV Accessories For Outside

Outdoor RV Rug

Outdoor rugs are nice for keeping dirt OUTSIDE and not in your RV or camper. It’s also nice to be able to step outside barefoot to grab something from an outside storage compartment quickly when you need it. If you have a longer-length RV (ours is 40 feet) you might want to make sure the rug you get is long enough (or get two of them to cover the length you need.)

An outdoor rug for an RV provides several benefits, including:

  1. Comfort: Outdoor rugs can provide a softer, more comfortable surface to walk or lounge on, compared to the hard, sharp, and often hot, surfaces of campground sites (like the sharp coral rocks found at Florida Keys campgrounds. Hey, I’m not complaining!
  2. Style: Outdoor rugs can add a touch of style and personality to an RV’s outdoor space, and can also coordinate with other outdoor decors.
  3. Protection: An outdoor rug can help protect the surface beneath it from scratches, scuffs, and other types of damage.
  4. Versatility: An outdoor rug can be used to create different functional areas in the RV’s outdoor space, such as under a clam tent, or play area.
  5. Convenience: An outdoor rug is easy to clean and maintain, and can often be rolled up and stored in the RV basement compartment when not in use, making it a convenient and practical choice for RVers.
SAND MINE Reversible Mats, Plastic Straw Rug, Modern Area Rug, Large Floor Mat and Rug for Outdoors, RV, Patio, Backyard, Deck, Picnic, Beach, Trailer, Camping (9' x 12', Black & White Lattice)
  • REVERSIBLE MATS: With timeless design, this plastic patio rug is elegant as it is functional, use on your patio with outdoor furniture and accessories to show off your personal style.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: This outdoor rug for the beach, camper, or front porch is derived from 100% virgin polypropylene, along with edging that is heat treated to avoid fraying, soft and hard wearing, low-maintenance. The breathable material will not hurt grass or scratch your deck.
  • EASY CLEANING & PORTABLE: For a quick clean simply sweep away dirt with water and airing it dry. Reversible outdoor rugs can be folded into compact size for easy storage, it comes with a carrying bag for added convenience. Suitable for an afternoon outing or an RV road trip.

Water Pressure Regulator

There are two versions of water pressure regulators – adjustable and non-adjustable. The main reason you want one on hand is to keep the water pressure from becoming too high (the end result of having blown-out water lines inside the RV). So a basic non-adjustable one will do the trick, HOWEVER, in our experience, these also seem to restrict the water pressure (showering in your RV is not fun when this happens). Water pressure in an RV is already a challenge, you do not need anything else that causes a lack of water pressure. We use this adjustable water pressure regulator that allows us to have better water pressure while protecting our RV.

RVGUARD RV Water Pressure Regulator Valve, Brass Lead-Free Adjustable Water Pressure Reducer with Gauge and Inlet Screen Filter for RV Camper Travel Trailer
  • Function: Prevent water pipes from being damaged due to high pressure, suitable for campers, trailers, and RV plumbing systems.
  • Safety: Class C46500 lead-free brass treated by hot casting process technology. Each regulator is tested to contain less than 0.13% lead, well under the NSF lead-free requirements of 0.25%, giving you a safe and healthy life.
  • Compatible: Designed with 3/4" garden hose thread. It is compatible with all American water sources, easy to use. RVGUARD regulator inlet screen helps to filter out impurities in water.

Waste Tank (Black Tank) Treatment

The smell can be an issue in RV holding tanks. The black tank can be especially problematic if the proper care and treatments are not used. For example, did you know using bleach to clean your RV toilet can make black tank smells WORSE? Bleach kills ALL bacteria. And in a black tank, you WANT the right (healthy) kind of bacteria to break down waste. We use the tank treatment AND toilet cleaners from Unique Camping + Marine. We have a 15% discount on all their products (and our other top RV products) on our partner’s page as well.

Unique Camping + Marine RV Accessories

Gray Tank Treatment/Cleaner

Many people know about treating the black tank, but what about the gray tank? The gray tank holds wastewater from the sinks and shower (and washer/dryer if you have one). While this water isn’t quite as “gross” as the blank tank liquids, smells from things like food grime washed off dishes, etc can still be an issue.

The gray tank is used to store wastewater from sinks, showers, and other sources, and without proper treatment, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms. Gray tank treatment products contain powerful bacteria that are designed to break down waste and eliminate unpleasant odors, keeping the tank clean and safe. These treatments also help to prevent clogs and backups in the tank, ensuring that it operates smoothly and efficiently. By using gray tank treatment, RV owners can avoid unpleasant smells and unsanitary conditions, and ensure a comfortable and safe environment for themselves and their passengers.

So, we recommend using a good gray water tank treatment from time to time not only to help with smells but also with keeping the tank clean, preventing worse issues later.

Unique Marine Digest-It Boat Black Water Holding Tank Deodorizer, Eliminates Toilet Smells and Breaks Down Waste- 16 Liquid Treatments, 32 oz. - 441-1
  • DIGESTS SOLID WASTE INSIDE TANKS. Liquifies sewage, all brands of toilet paper and residual sludge from years of build-up in black, gray and galley tanks for easier, more thorough pump outs.
  • ELIMINATES FOUL TANK ODORS at their source without masking with overpowering fragrances. Powerful bio-enzymatic cleaners work to eradicate odors.
  • HELPS PREVENT SENSOR MALFUNCTION. Dissolves paper and solid waste before it can cling to tank sensors and level gauges, preventing misreads.

Sewer Hose Ladder – A great RV accessory to have!

You’ve probably heard the saying about 💩 flowing downhill. Well, the same is true with your RV black tank when connected to full hookups. Some campgrounds require the sewer hose to NOT be on the ground. Plus it’s just a good idea to make sure you have the proper angle to drainage from the waste tanks.

Camco Sidewinder 20-Ft Camper / RV Sewer Hose Support | Telescoping Design Flexes Around Obstacles & Deep Cradles Hold Sewer Hose | Out-of-the-Box Ready & Folds for RV Storage and Organization (43051)
  • PROTECTS & SUPPORTS YOUR RV SEWER HOSE: This sewer hose support for RV campers lifts and guides your sewer hose to help waste move downhill. It provides stable, simple drainage.
  • COMPATIBILITY: It fits up to a 20-foot RV waste hose and works with all 3-inch diameter hoses.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: A flexible design allows the RV hose support to curve around obstacles. The support is angled to create a downward slope for better drainage. Deep cradles hold your RV dump hose in place without straps.

Sewer Hose

Some RV’s will come with a sewer hose – most won’t. We really like the Rhino sewer hose kit as it is versatile and holds up well – even if one of the kids happens to step on it! Yes, we know this from experience.

I cannot tell you how many times we’ve pulled into a campsite to realize the sewer hookup is far away from where the RV needs to be parked. It’s super frustrating to realize after you are mostly set up that the sewer hose won’t reach! We carry an extra 10-foot hose when the hookup is far from where the RV is parked in the campsite.

An RV sewer hose is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who owns an RV. This hose is used to connect the RV’s waste-holding tank to the sewer inlet at the campsite. This allows for easy and convenient disposal of waste, without the need for manual handling or dumping.

RV sewer hoses come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs. The most common material used for these hoses is PVC plastic, which is durable, lightweight, and resistant to punctures and tears. Some hoses are reinforced with steel or other materials to increase their strength and longevity.

When choosing an RV sewer hose, it is important to consider the length you will need, as well as the size of the sewer inlet at your campsite. It is a good idea to purchase a longer hose than you think you will need, as this will give you more flexibility in where you can park your RV. I typically get a regular-size sewer hose, then a 10 foot sewer hose extension kit.

Camco RhinoFLEX 10’ Camper / RV Sewer Hose Extension – Features Collapsible Design for RV Storage – Includes Pre-Attached Lug & Bayonet Fitting -Heavy Duty Polyolefin & Reinforced w/Steel Wire (39774)
  • SUPERIOR RV TANK DUMPING: Increase your sewer hose length with Camco’s RhinoFLEX 10′ RV Sewer Hose Extension. Made with a tough, flexible RV sewer hose, this extension simplifies grey and black water disposal during your camping trips.
  • BUILT FLEXIBLE & TOUGH: Constructed with 23 mils of durable polyolefin and reinforced with steel wire, the RhinoFLEX RV black water hose can bend & maintain its shape for reliable, long-lasting use.
  • PATENTED DESIGN MADE IN THE USA: This product is proudly manufactured in the USA using high-quality global materials for superior durability and performance. The patented design ensures exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

Additionally, many RV sewer hoses come with fittings or adapters that allow for a secure connection to the RV’s waste-holding tank and the sewer inlet.

Using an RV sewer hose is straightforward. Simply attach one end to the RV’s waste holding tank and the other end to the sewer inlet. Make sure that the connections are tight and secure to prevent any leaks or spills. Once the hose is connected, you can safely and easily dispose of your RV’s waste by pulling the black and gray tank valve.

Camco RhinoEXTREME 20-Foot Camper / RV Sewer Hose Kit - Premium Sewer Kit - Pre-Assembled & Ready-to-Use - Includes 4-in 1 Dump Station Adapter & Storage Caps - Crush & Abrasion Resistant (21012)
  • COMPLETE CAMPER SEWER HOSE KIT: Simplify your RV camping experience with this complete sewer hose kit. It has everything you need for easy waste disposal, making your camping experience hassle-free.
  • SUPERIOR ABRASION-RESISTANT EXOSKELETON: This super tough RV dump hose boasts a 24-mil thermoplastic elastomer construction w/a reinforced polymer core. It provides excellent abrasion resistance, crush protection, & is resistant to dents and rust.
  • PATENTED DESIGN MADE IN THE USA: RhinoEXTREME camper sewer hose kits are proudly manufactured in the USA with premium materials for unmatched durability. The patented design ensures exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

Dog Bone Adapters

These are electrical adapters that allow you to use different-size hookups. For example, if you have a 50 amp connection and have a campsite that only offers 30 amp service, you need an adapter to still plug into the different style outlet. The same goes for if you are “moochdocking” and need to plug your RV into standard household power. There are several different sizes and styles depending on what your needs are. We carry a dog bone for 30 amp and household service.

A dog bone adapter for RVs is a device used to adapt the power source of the RV to a different type of electrical outlet. RVs typically have a 50-amp power supply, which is not compatible with 120v standard household electrical outlets or 30-amp outlets that are the only option at some campgrounds. This adapter allows the RV to be connected to a standard electrical source when camping at RV parks or campgrounds.

This adapter is shaped like a bone, hence the name “dog bone,” and it provides a convenient and easy solution for RV owners to connect to power sources when traveling. With a dog bone adapter, RVs can access power for their essential electrical systems, including lights, air conditioners, and refrigerators. This one allows you to go from a household 120v to the 50amp cord on your RV.

Camco 55170 12" Power Grip Dog Bone (15M/50F), Black
  • Handles make unplugging easier
  • 5-15Plug/14-50R receptacle
  • 125 Volt/1875 Watt

A 50 to 30 amp is also recommended to have on board in the case 30amp service is only available. We carry both in our basement compartment just in case!

Camco 55173 18" 50 Amp Male/30 Amp Female Dog Bone Adapter
  • This product adds a great value
  • Product is highly durable and very easy to use
  • This product is manufactured in China

Extension Cord

Just like there are dozens of reasons to need an extension cord in a sticks-and-bricks environment, there is a myriad of uses for one when it comes to RVing. We typically use an extension cord when parked at a friend or relative’s house for the night to be able to plug into household power. You also never know when you might want to plug in a fan outside, need a battery charger for a vehicle, and more.

Southwire 2588SW0002 Outdoor Cord-12/3 SJTW Heavy Duty 3 Prong Extension Cord-for Commercial Use (50'; Yellow); 50 Feet
  • ALL PURPOSE EXTENSION CORD for Indoor and Outdoor use Great for landscaping; gardening; and powering appliances
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE yellow jacket provides extra safety and will not mark floors or walls
  • WATER RESISTANT: Flexible vinyl jacket provides protection of the cord against moisture; abrasion; and sunlight

Drinking Water Hose

To connect to city water at the campground or to fill water at a water station, you will need a hose. You will want a DEDICATED hose for drinking water only, so having a SEPARATE hose for water is important. We like the Zero-G brand since it collapses down.

Apex 4001-50 50' Lightweight Ultra Flexible Durable Kink-Free Garden Hose
  • Apex 4001-50 50' Lightweight Ultra Flexible Durable Kink-Free Garden Hose

2nd Hose For Rinsing Outside

Since you’ll want a separate hose for drinking water and most of the time if you are at a campground with full hookups, you will leave your water connected. A second hose to rinse off the feet, the dogs, the surfboards, etc. is nice to have.

Aqua Joe AJFJH25-58-PRO FiberJacket Non-Expanding Kink-Free Garden, RV, Marine and Camper Hose, Ultra-Lightweight, Drinking Water Safe, ft, 25-Foot x 5/8-Inch
  • [SAFE]: BPA-free, Lead-free and Phthalate-free
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT]: Up to 50% lighter than conventional hoses
  • [DURABLE]: Rugged, marine grade fiber jacket construction surrounding a 5/8" flexible inner core

Hose Splitter – A little-known RV Accessory

Using two hoses means you will need two water spigots but you will only have one. You will need a hose splitter to have two water sources. We like this one because it has longer handles to turn the water off and on. Some of the ones out there can be difficult to switch off/on. We have this one and it hasn’t let us down yet!

2WAYZ- Hose Splitter, 2 Way Heavy Duty, Garden Hose Splitter, Faucet Splitter, Outdoor Faucet Splitter, y Adapter for Water Hose, Water Spigot Splitter, All Metal, with Shut off Valve - 4" x 4" x 1.5"
  • BOLTED COMPONENTS: Enhance your watering experience with the latest version of our dual water hose connector. Our expert engineers have redesigned all crucial components, ensuring a firm connection.
  • EASY INSTALLATION, SMOOTH OPERATION: This 2-way garden hose splitter boasts extended handles (4 cm) for easy on/off control, perfect for those with stiff hands. No tools are required for installation.
  • NO LEAKING, NO WORRIES: The end features a long, smooth thread with a rubber ring, preventing leaks. Its full rubber cover makes it suitable for all weather conditions!

RV Leveling Blocks

If you find a perfectly level campsite, you’ve found a unicorn! Most sites are not level and some are extremely not level. Having some leveling blocks helps when your RV leveling system is maxed out and your rig still isn’t leveled out.

Camco Brown X-Large 44527 Gray Fasten XL Leveling Block with T-Handle, 2x2 (Pack of 10), 10 Pack
  • Larger 10.5 x 10.5 inches design withstands more weight and creates more surface area for leveling
  • 10 inter locking blocks stack to the desired height for customizable leveling
  • Carrying handle easily twists to secure blocks together for storage

Wheel Chocks (For Pull Behind RVs)

We’ve seen more than once when someone does NOT use wheel chocks and their camper moves forward into their truck – or worse, drops down on the hitch. Wheel chocks are a must and an important safety item.

X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 28012
  • Provides added stabilization and prevents tire shifts by applying opposing force to tandem tire applications
  • As opposed to other chocks, the X-Chock works with the tires’ natural movement instead of against them
  • Fits even the tightest of applications retracting down to 1 3/8” and extends to 10”

Softstart RV – Money Saving RV Accessory

SoftStartRV is a LIFESAVER for RVing in warm weather climates. This device enables you to run two a/c’s on only 30 amps (or even run 1 a/c on a standard household power)!

SoftStartRV is a company that specializes in providing high-quality RV electrical components. They are known for their patented SoftStart device, which is designed to help reduce the strain on an RV’s electrical system when starting high-power appliances, such as air conditioners or refrigerators. This device can extend the life of your RV’s electrical system and protect it from damage, making it an essential item for RV owners.

The SoftStart device works by gradually increasing the power to the appliance, rather than suddenly putting a large load on the electrical system. This helps to reduce the surge of power that can occur when starting high-power appliances, which can cause damage to the electrical system over time. The device is also designed to be compact and easy to install, making it a great option for RV owners who want to protect their rig.

In addition to the SoftStart device, SoftStartRV also offers a range of other RV electrical components, including surge protectors, transfer switches, and power management systems. These products are designed to be reliable, easy to use, and easy to install, making them a popular choice for RV owners.

SoftStartRV is a company that takes customer satisfaction seriously, and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their products. They also provide comprehensive customer support and technical assistance, so you can be confident that you will have all the information you need to make the best decision for your RV.

Softstart RV

To learn more about HOW SoftStart works you can check out the video below where we were able to install these on our rig, and are so happy we did. The discount we were able to negotiate for you on SoftStartRV is CHEAPER than you will find on Amazon or anywhere else!

Battery Organizer

Do you have your batteries thrown into a junk drawer or in a plastic baggie? We love our battery organizer for the RV. This container holds the most used battery types for everyday use and fits compactly in an RV drawer or cabinet. Plus, one of my favorite accessories included is a battery tester that will test if the battery is good or bad.

The Battery Organizer and Tester with Cover, Storage Organizer and Case, Holds 93 Batteries of Various Sizes, Includes a Removable Battery Tester, Battery Holder for Garage Organization, Black
  • Expanded Battery Organizer Case – This versatile, portable batteries organizer holds 93 total batteries, including 45 AA, 25 AAA, four 9-volt, eight C, six D, and five flat.
  • Wall-Mounted or Drawer Use – The smart designed with hinged clear cover can be stored in a kitchen drawer or closet or mounted on a wall in a garage or mud room.
  • Quick Visual Accessibility – A transparent lid design makes it easier to identify which batteries you have in stock, which you need to replenish, and what’s available.

Portable Waste Tank

We’ve stayed at many campgrounds where there are partial hookups. The most common utility missing at partial hook-up campgrounds is the sewer. Also, when boondocking or “moochdocking” there is no access to any utilities. Our gray tank will fill up fast when we are camping – our black tank usually lasts our family of 4 about 5 days.

Most campgrounds with partial hookups have a dump station on site. However, when you are set up in your campsite, with your slides out, the last thing you will want to do is pull in the slides, bring in the jacks, unhook, etc to drive over to the dump station.

This is where a portable waste tank comes in handy. A portable waste tank for RVs is a mobile holding tank that allows RV owners to store and transport wastewater from their camper or motorhome. This type of tank is designed to be easily moved and emptied when necessary, providing a convenient solution for managing wastewater while on the road. Portable waste tanks are especially useful for RVers who frequently travel to remote locations or areas without access to sewer hookups.

They provide a safe and hygienic way to store and transport waste, preventing the risk of leaks and spills and avoiding unsanitary conditions. Portable waste tanks are available in a variety of sizes, and they often come with features such as built-in wheels, sturdy handles, and leak-proof lids for easy transport. With a portable waste tank, RV owners can travel with peace of mind, knowing that they have a safe and convenient solution for managing their wastewater.

You can empty your waste tank into the portable tank, then haul it to the dump station. Moving the RV is not required! Most portable waste tanks fit nicely on the back of the RV ladder.

Camco Rhino 36-Gallon Camper / RV Portable Waste Tank - Features Large Heavy-Duty No-Flat Wheels & Built-In Gate Valve - w/ Removable Steel Tow Adapter, 3’ RV Sewer Hose & More RV Accessories (39006)
  • SIMPLIFY RV WASTE DISPOSAL: Make waste disposal hassle-free with Camco's portable waste tank. Easily transport waste from your RV black water tank to a dump station— perfect for when you're parked far away & your RV sewer hose won't reach.
  • EFFORTLESS TRANSPORT: Haul your waste with ease with no-flat wheels built for any terrain, an oversized handle for easy maneuvering, & a steel tow adapter for effortless towing behind a truck or golf cart.
  • TOUGH & RELIABLE: Measuring 15 ½″ (L) x 25″ (W) x 46″ (H) and weighing 45 lb, this RV essential is constructed from durable, UV-stabilized blow-molded HDPE. It withstands outdoor use without leaks or sun damage.

Solar Powered Motion Lights

Having something to illuminate the way when you need to pull something out of a storage compartment after dark is a must! Having motion lights is also a good idea for security purposes. These solar-powered lights are an easy add-on to the outside of almost any RV.

Luposwiten Solar Outdoor Lights Waterproof - Super Bright Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights Easy to Install Solar Lights for Outside, Front Door, Yard, Garage, Garden, Patio, Deck (4 Pack)
  • 🌟💝🌟【Wider Lighting Angle & Larger Range】Equipped with powerful LEDs and wide lighting angle, the solar outdoor lights can produce 400 lumens and provide excellent brightness and large illumination coverage to light up a yard of 20㎡.
  • 🌟💝🌟【Responsive Motion Sensor】The solar motion lights will be activated once it detects any motion, and will automatically turn off after lighting on around 30 seconds. NO DIM MODE. Only Two Modes: ON/OFF.
  • 🌟💝🌟【Easy to Install】This solar powered lights require ZERO maintenance and easy to install as they do not require wiring cables.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

We cannot stress how much of a “must-have” this is! We’ve seen it literally save people’s lives! While most newer vehicles come equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, most RVs do not. Knowing if you have a tire that is getting low, getting too hot, or too high of tire pressure can prevent a blowout.

For several years we used the TST tire pressure monitoring system. It worked fine and no major complaints. We recently were introduced to the TireMinder system and installed this system instead. We’ve decided we like it much better than the TST for several reasons. The main reasons are it’s SUPER EASY to program the sensors, all tire status shows on 1 screen AND they have a lifetime battery replacement program.

We also noticed if it does alarm, it doesn’t keep alarming after the initial alarm, requiring user intervention while driving. This is nice because if you have an alarm for low tire pressure due to cold ambient temps, you might not want to worry about adding air over 1 or 2 PSI of pressure. To have the unit keep alarming after the initial warning sound means you have to take a hand off the steering wheel to silence the unit.

With the TireMinder units, after that initial alarm is sounded, the unit goes silent. It’s a great notification to look over at the monitor to see what is going on without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. We’ve been able to secure a discount for our readers on a TireMinder TPMS!

We’ve partnered with TireMinder and TechnoRV to be able to offer 5% off a TireMinder system. Use code GLAMPER5 at checkout to get a discount. You cannot get this cheaper on Amazon, e-trailer, or camping world.

TireMinder tpms
Tire Minder TPMS System

Solo Stove

I love the warmth and coziness of a campfire but I don’t like smelling like the campfire. Nor do I like the clean-up after having a campfire. And because of this, we did not do campfires or fire pit nights often.

That was until we discovered Solo Stove. The Solo Stove is as close as you will ever get to a “smokeless” fire. Strategically placed holes in the double-wall structure of the fire pit draw in air from the bottom and feed the heated oxygen to the top, resulting in a spectacular secondary burn. The best part? Nearly no smoke and minimal ash left to clean! And better yet, it’s portable! They even come with a “carry case” making it super easy to throw in the storage compartment of the RV.

We can now all enjoy s’mores again without the messy clean-up (more on that later in this post so keep reading)!

Blackstone Griddle

When we first started RVing, we got a little Coleman portable grill. After setting it up and taking it down several times, it just did not hold up. Plus, if we wanted to grill vegetables, we had to carry a grill basket as veggies will fall through the grates on a “traditional” grill. The Blackstone griddle was the perfect solution to a grill/griddle all in one. Cooking on this griddle will allow for perfect steaks, bacon, eggs, you name it. Shrimp and Veggies have been one of our favorite quick, easy-to-make meals! The main benefits of a Blackstone griddle are:

  1. Versatility: Blackstone griddles can quickly cook a wide range of foods, including pancakes, eggs, burgers, steaks, and vegetables. This versatility allows you to cook an entire meal on one surface, saving time and making outdoor cooking more convenient.
  2. Large Cooking Surface: Blackstone griddles have a large cooking surface, providing ample space for cooking large meals or multiple dishes. This makes it ideal for family gatherings, picnics, and other outdoor events. They have several burner options (single, double, etc.), options with a cover, and a lighter-weight “adventure-ready” version without the cover that you would use while cooking. We recently picked up the adventure-ready 22-inch version with a carry bag, so if you follow us on our channel, we will be sure to keep you posted on what we think about it.
  3. Even Heat Distribution: Blackstone griddles are designed to provide even heat distribution, ensuring that your food cooks evenly and thoroughly.
  4. Durability: Blackstone griddles are made with high-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting. They are designed to withstand the elements and are built to last for many seasons of outdoor cooking.
  5. Convenient Clean-Up: Blackstone griddles are easy to clean, with a smooth surface that makes it simple to wipe down after use. This makes it a convenient option for outdoor cooking, as it reduces the amount of time and effort required for cleaning. Don’t forget to pick up some of these grease cup liners, which make clean-up a breeze!
Blackstone 5017 Grease Cup Liners for Rear Grease Griddles - 10-Pack
  • EASILY DISPOSE OF GREASE with Blackstone rear grease cup liner
  • SPEND MORE TIME GRIDDLING, LESS TIME CLEANING: Blackstone grease cup liners dramatically cut down your after-cooking clean up time. Just insert them inside the griddle’s drip tray, cook delicious foods and simply toss in the waste bin when full. Easy, isn’t it?
  • AVAILABLE IN A VALUE PACK OF 10: Blackstone griddle grease cup are available in a pack of 10, making them perfect for several outdoor cooking sessions

A Blackstone griddle provides many benefits for outdoor cooking, making it a versatile and convenient option for those who enjoy cooking and entertaining outdoors.

Blackstone 1813 Original 22” Tabletop Griddle with Hood and Stainless Steel Front Plate, Powder Coated Steel, Black
  • Griddle on the Go: This griddle is compact and portable so you can take it to the beach, on a picnic, camping, to a tailgate, etc.
  • Surprisingly Spacious Cooking Area: This compact griddle is more spacious than you would think. Cook up to 14 burgers at a time on the 22” griddle top with 361 square inches of cooking space.
  • Versatile Cooking Space: A griddle top is a versatile cooking surface that can handle a variety of foods such as bacon, pancakes, veggies, burgers, and more.
Blackstone Griddle


You never know when you will find that amazing campsite with two trees close enough to set up a hammock! Our kids LOVE to swing at the playground, so most of the time when we set up our hammocks, the kids are using them as swings. It’s amazing how many times the kids will spend HOURS on the hammocks swinging and playing. It’s like being able to set up a mini playground in the middle of the forest. There are dozens of hammocks on Amazon, but the ones we like are the Bear Butt brand.

kids in hammock
Hammock Fun!
Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock, Blue/Gray
  • EASY TO SET UP AND TAKE DOWN - Setting up this big 10 ft long 6 ft wide camping hammock can be done in a matter of minutes, Taking down our portable hammock is just as simple. Add To Cart Now.
  • VERY COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE - Our 2 person hammock is very durable, sturdy and has the highest quality stitching for you to spread out and enjoy your surroundings which is important for any hiking gear when backpacking.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT CAMPING GEAR - Weighing only 1.5lbs our folding packable double hammock packs up easy for storing and is small and light making it perfect to carry for any hiking trip.

RV Ladder Mounted Bike Rack

We sometimes bring just the kid’s bikes, and other times we bring all 4 bikes. The ladder-mounted bike rack is our go-to rack since it can stay attached to the ladder at all times. The arms swing out of the way for climbing the ladder when the rack is not in use holding the bikes. Plus, it gets the bikes up and out of the way for travel. We will also lock the bikes up to the ladder with a simple lock as an added security measure.

RV Ladder Bike Rack RV Accessories
Stromberg Carlson LA-102 1-Inch Bike Rack for Universal Ladder, black
  • Length from bend to tip of extended bike arms is 13″
  • Max distance between bike cradles is 9″
  • Weight capacity of bike rack carrier is 50lbs

Collapsible Trash Can

We have used a collapsible trash can off and on during our 4 years of RV Living. If you are the kind of person who likes to spend a lot of time outside, it’s nice to have an “extra” trash can for when you are outside the RV. And since RV storage space is at a premium when it comes to RV Living, any accessories that fold down when NOT in use are always a plus!

Awning Sunshade Extension

The sunshades that attach to an RV awning are a great add-on accessory. It’s helpful to keep the sun off the side of the RV, but also to have a more of a “private” area for your campsite. These shades can also help cut down on bugs and other unwanted creatures.

Tentproinc RV Awning Side Sun Shade Screen 9'X7' - Black Mesh Screen Sunshade Complete Kits Camping Trailer Awning Sun Shade Canopy UV Sun Blocker - 3 Year Warranty
  • UV BLOCK & OPEN VIEW - used as side RV awning, blocks about 86% of UV to protect our skin and eyes, but meanwhile offers a wide view.
  • LOWER TEMPERATURE - provides you a roomy and cozy shade place. Enjoy your time comfortably even in crazy hot days.
  • REDUCE WIND EFFICIENTLY - breaks especially the force of cross-wind. You get a cozier field when using with our front shade.

Portable Surge Protector

A portable or built-in RV surge protector is a must for protecting your RV’s electrical system. If there is a problem with the electrical pedestal at the campground and something is not wired correctly, you are at risk of damage to the entire RV electrical system. Any damage to the electrical system of course means costly repairs. This can all be prevented with a quality surge protector. You simply plug this into the electrical connection and then plug in your RV electrical cord to the surge protector. The surge protector we like (and use) is by progressive industries since it also shows if there is an issue with the indicator lights. It also comes with a metal loop so you can lock the surge protector up to the electrical pedestal. We have never worried about theft, however, it’s a great option to give you peace of mind at the campground.

Progressive Industry SSP-50XL RV Camper Circuit Analyzer Surge Protector w/Grip Handles—30 & 50 Amp Portable & Hardwired Surge Guard w/Fault Detection
  • Maintain electronic safety - This 50 Amp RV Surge Protector by Progressive Industries is a real guard for your RV electronics. Its smart surge protection capacities help to protect your RV appliances against voltage fluctuations and power surges.
  • Prevents costly damage - With a 50A/120-240V/12,000W rating, SSP-50XL can absorb surges of up to 1,650 joules. This surge protector prevents severe and expensive damage to RV accessories and equipment attached to your motorized or towable RV.
  • Powerful fault detection - As a 50 amp surge protector for RV, SSP-50XL can give protection against over/under voltage, open ground/neutral, reverse polarity, and surge failure; as well as A/C frequency protection.

Brass Hose Elbow

When hooking up the water to your RV, the hose will naturally have a slight kink because of how the water hookup on the RV is mounted. Using a brass elbow can help keep the fittings on your water hose and your RV from prematurely wearing out. We also use these water hose fitting quick connectors, which allow us to quickly connect & disconnect the hoses.

Camco 90-Degree Hose Elbow For RVs - Solid Brass Construction- Certified Lead-Free - Features Convenient Easy Grip Connector - For RV Water Hoses, Residential Outdoor Faucets, & More - 1-Pack (22505)
  • Protect Your Water Hose: Eliminates stress and strain on your RV hoses
  • Easy to Set Up: Thanks to an easy-grip connector, it's simple to protect your water hose with this 90-degree water hose elbow for RV; the brass elbow with swiveling easy grip connector fits 3/4" to 11.5 NH hose connections
  • Durable Materials: Give your RV hose support with our solid brass elbow adapter

RV Slide Out Rubber Seal Conditioner and Protectant

RVs will quickly deteriorate without proper maintenance. Adding slide-out conditioner to the slide seals from time to time helps keep the seals in good condition and not getting brittle from the sun, causing them to crack (reducing the seal). While you are maintaining your slide seals, we also recommend you lubricate the slide-out as well to reduce premature wear on your slide. This also helps slide-outs to operate smoothly without sticking, protects against rust and corrosion as well as repels dirt and grime.

Premium RV Slide Out
  • [VERSATILITY]: Thetford's Premium RV Slide Out Rubber Seal Conditioner works in RVs, cars, boats, or even at home
  • [FUNCTIONALITY]: Formulated to prevent fading, cracking and deterioration, Premium RV Slide Out Rubber Seal Conditioner improves slide out function and prolongs the life of the seals
  • [UTILITY]: Premium RV Slide Out Rubber Seal Conditioner works on RV Slide Outs, window and door seals, and tires

Eternabond Tape – The MacGyver of RV Accessories

This stuff can help you out in a pinch! Most RV roofs are made from a rubber EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) material that can easily tear from low-hanging tree branches. Even a small hole in a roof can cause major water damage. Regularly inspecting the roof and repairing it as needed can prevent larger problems in the future. While there are proper kits for repairing tears in a roof, eternabond tape is great when in a pinch and you do not have access to a proper repair. We’ve also seen RVers use this when having experienced major damage and needing to “patch” things together to prevent leaks. Some will also run this along the entire seam of the RV for added protection from leakage.

EternaBond RV Mobile Home Roof Seal Sealant Tape & Leak Repair Tape 4" x 50' Roll White Authentic (4''-50ft)
  • 4" x 50' Foot Contin ROLL of authentic Eternabond repair tape.
  • Bonds to surfaces and stops leaks.
  • Use on: EPDM, TPO, most PVC, CSPE/Hypalon, CPE, SBS, APP modifieds, asphalt BURs, coal tar BURs, all metal roofs, tiles, shingle, aluminum, galvanized steel, gypsum board, wood, polyethylene, propylene, polystyrene, fiberglass, brick, concrete, masonry, OSB, etc. Seals roof tears, seams, flashings, copings, skylights, gutters, and much more.

Bike Rack

Remember how earlier I talked about the ladder bike rack? We usually put two bikes on the ladder, then if we bring all the bikes we will add two more bikes on a hitch mount bike rack. This works great as it gives us the option to have a place to also store the bikes when not in use. The bikes usually can stay on the rack without issue. The type of rack we use where the wheels sit at the bottom of the rack makes it easy to get them on and off.

Map of the USA

This RV states map is one of our most asked-about RV accessories. It’s so fun to fill in each new state as we visit. The kids also are learning geography along the way and they enjoy adding stickers onto the map as we visit each state.

RV State Sticker Travel Map of The United States, Travel Trailer Camper Accessories, 21x14.5" RV Map Decals for Window Door Wall, 50 State Bumper Stickers with Scenic Illustrations
  • TRACK YOUR TRAVEL: Commemorate each stop on your RV adventures with this weather-resistant United States Sticker Map and accompanying state stickers. The strong adhesive outline applies to any surface and won't fade thanks to the UV-protection.
  • SHOW OFF WHERE YOU'VE BEEN: Show other RV owners a visual record of your journey when you're on the road, and proudly display where you've visited for all to see. Makes a great conversation starter!
  • BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED: Your new RV wall stickers showcase custom illustrations of each state's most popular stops and destinations, from Mount Rushmore to the lighthouses of coastal Maine.
RV Accessories USA Sticker Map

Gazebo Tent

Any type of gazebo tent is nice to have when you are set up at a campsite for a while. You can use it as a “garage” to put bikes and scooters in or for a bug-free outdoor space (super helpful in areas where there are a lot of flies or mosquitos). We’ve also seen many families that use these screen rooms as a play area for the kids as well.

CLAM Quick-Set Escape 11.5 x 11.5 Foot Easy Set Up Portable Outdoor Camping Pop Up Canopy Gazebo Shelter with Ground Stakes and Carry Bag, Brown
  • Lightweight, portable 11.5 x 11.5-foot pop-up canopy designed to provide shelter and protection from the elements while outdoors; Shelter measures 140 inches long and 140 inches wide; Packed size measures 8.5 inches long by 7.5 inches wide by 6.13 feet tall; Weight: 37 pounds
  • Accommodates up to 6 people or spacious enough to fit a picnic table plus a few camping chairs; Color: Brown
  • Includes 7 tent stakes, 5 tie-down ropes, and an over-sized carry bag that's ideal for repacking; Built-in corner grommets for staking down from the inside; Hub pull straps for easy set-up and I-bolts to secure external tie-down straps

Telescopic Extension Ladder

Having a ladder while you’re out on the road is a must. From needing to fix roof trim to accessing windows, etc. you’d be surprised how many times you’ll need a ladder. Most ladders are bulky and take up a lot of space, however, this folding telescoping ladder is perfect since it folds up nicely and is compact to put in the storage compartment of an RV.

Yvan Telescoping Ladder,12.5 FT One Button Retraction Aluminum Telescopic Extension Extendable Ladder,Slow Down Design Multi-Purpose Ladder for Household Daily or Hobbies,250 Lb Capacity
  • ◆ Premium Materials : Yvan‘s telescoping Extension Ladder is crafted from premium aluminum alloy.The surface of aluminium is oxidized, which can prolong the life of folding ladder.And its plastic parts is reinforced with nylon fibre to improves load capacity, stability, aging resistance and extends service life.Our telescopic ladders have a maximum load of 250lb.
  • ◆ One Button Retraction : While guaranteeing the quality, our telescoping aluminum ladder also has One-button retraction function.Simply press the thumb buttons, this ladder will descending smoothly from its unfolded condition to compact size,So convenient.
  • ◆ Intelligent Locking Mechanism : We have upgraded the internal structure of the collapsible ladders,our sliding ladder has intelligent locking mechanism in each rung(The red button under the rung,you can also adjust the height of the ladder as you like ),each step falls slowly and smoothly when retracting,the problem of pinching hand is completely solved.

Disposable Gloves

We keep a box of disposable rubber gloves around as they come in more often than you would think. From everyday cleaning to dumping the black (sewage) tank, you will just feel better using a pair of disposable gloves. Plus, being a mom, there is always the occasional “kid incident” where they can come in handy. Disposable gloves are a must for both RV Living and family life.

GLOVEWORKS Black Disposable Nitrile Industrial Gloves, 5 Mil, Latex & Powder-Free, Food-Safe, Textured, Large, Box of 100
  • MEDIUM-DUTY: Our 5-mil nitrile gloves provide better barrier protection against grease, gasoline, & other petroleum-based chemicals than standard 3 mil gloves. Suitable for extended-duration use.
  • SLEEK & PROFESSIONAL: Black color conceals dirt, grease, and grime making it a great choice for automotive shop & detailing tasks, high-end restaurants, and many other common workplace environments.
  • LIGHTLY-TEXTURED: Micro-roughened to provide a more reliable grip. Thin construction promotes tactile sensitivity and dexterity- ideal for working with automotive tools and precision instruments.

Small Cordless Drill

There are dozens of times when in the course of RV Life you will need to unscrew or tighten something, make repairs, etc. Having a smaller cordless drill makes these types of tasks much easier.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill and Impact Driver, Power Tool Combo Kit with 2 Batteries and Charger (DCK240C2)
  • DCD771 in cordless drill combo kit features two speed transmission (0-450 / 0-1500 RPM)
  • DCD771 high performance motor of cordless tools combo kit delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power ability completing a wide range of applications
  • DCD771 compact, lightweight design of the drill/ impact driver combo kit fits into tight areas

Basic RV Tool Set

RVs will break, it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN. Every time you have a travel day, your RV experiences a series of earthquakes. Things shake, become dislodged, connections get loose and the list goes on. Having a basic toolset you can keep in your RV is very helpful. Remembering to take things back and forth between a sticks/bricks house and your RV (if you’re not full-time) can result in something being forgotten. To resolve this issue, we keep a separate small toolset in the RV and they are the “RV Tools.” We try to keep duplicates of as many things as possible.

Here are some ideas of things on our Amazon shop you can keep duplicates of. If you’re downsizing and going full-time, chances are you don’t need all the tools you did at home (plus they get heavy the more you bring). You can downsize to a smaller set for RV Living.

CRAFTSMAN Home Tool Kit / Mechanics Tool Set, 57-Piece, Hammer, Screwdrivers, Drill Bits, Sockets, Ratchet, Hex Keys, Tape Measure, Pliers and More (CMMT99446)
  • Slip joint pliers for increased access in tight spaces
  • Fiberglass hammer for increased comfort and decreased fatigue
  • Bi-material screwdriver for increased comfort and decreased fatigue

RV Accessories For Inside

Rope Bins

Having bins that are flexible (soft-sided) for storage inside the RV are helpful to keep things in place but also to maximize all the storage options with no wasted space. Since contents will shift on travel days, keeping items in bins helps to prevent things from getting broken or misplaced. And more importantly, it helps keep you safe when opening those cupboard doors after a travel day! I’ve purchased rope bins at Target, Lowes, Home Goods, etc.

Juvale 3-Pack Small Round Cotton Rope Woven Storage Baskets - Nesting Bins for Organizing Home and Montessori Toys (White, 3 Sizes)
  • White Woven Baskets: These small white cotton rope baskets come in three sizes, a stylish and functional storage solution for bedrooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms, entryways, and nursery
  • Decorative, Practical Storage: Each round cotton rope storage basket makes home organization easy; declutter remote controls, keys, accessories, snacks, and small toys
  • Versatile Use: These nesting woven baskets can also be used as plant holders, storage for bathroom towels and toiletries, office supplies, or as a decorative element for any room in your home

Microfiber or Turkish Travel Towels

Microfiber Towels RV Accessories

When we first started living the RV life, we used the same terry cloth towels used in our sticks/bricks house. However, we learned quickly that finding a place to hang them to dry completely was difficult at best. You can’t really hang them on a hook to dry unless you have at least 3 days to wait. So you have to find an actual towel bar to hang them up. Well, there just isn’t a ton of space in an RV bathroom for towels hanging flat on a towel bar. We switched over to a microfiber travel towel and we can hang them all to dry on hooks to dry super fast! We like and use the ones from Venture4th. You can save 25% by using the code: 25OFF259 at checkout on Amazon.

Mobile Internet Hotspot

Internet on the road is a must, especially if you are not retired. Campground WIFI is very unreliable and you hardly ever rely on good connectivity or speeds from a campground connection. Having your own internet while you travel is pretty much the standard for RVers and digital nomads alike. We actually have three different hot spots. One through T-mobile (Travel Data), one through AT&T, and one through Verizon. We chose to do this since we need to have reliable internet wherever we go. We’ve found if there is not a good Verizon signal, we usually will have a signal through either T-Mobile or AT&T.

NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 4G LTE WiFi Mobile Hotspot (MR1100-100NAS) – Up to 1Gbps Speed, Works Best with AT&T and T-Mobile, Connects Up to 20 Devices, Secure Wireless Network Anywhere
  • Share WiFi internet access with up to 20 devices
  • Connect to your existing home router using the Gigabit Ethernet port for fast, reliable primary or backup Internet connection. Ideal for homes with poor internet service or coverage
  • Avoid the risks of public WiFi and travel with your own portable, secure Wireless Network anywhere

2 Way Radios

When we get to a campsite, one of us is a “spotter” (typically Charity) while the other one is parking the RV on the site (Ben). We use our cell phones to communicate with each other when there is service, BUT there is the occasional time that we are in an area with NO cell service, where radios come in very handy. We’ve also had times where one of us was driving the Jeep and the other one was driving the RV and having 2-way radios (walkie-talkies) makes communication possible in these situations.

Midland - LXT600VP3 Long Range Walkie Talkie - FRS Two-Way Small Business Radio Rechargeable Portable- UTV Accessories with NOAA Weather Scan + Alert, and 36 Channels (Yellow/Black, 2 Radios)
  • LICENSE FREE DUAL POWER OPTIONS 2-WAY RADIOS - These walkie-talkies feature 36 FRS (Family Radio Service) channels, along with channel scan to check for activity. The bold yellow faceplate provides high visibility. Dual Power Options uses rechargeable battery pack (included) or 3 “AAA” batteries (not included)
  • UP TO 30-MILE RANGE - Longer range communication in open areas with little or no obstruction
  • 121 CTCSS PRIVACY CODES - The Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System gives you up to 2,662 channel options to help block other conversations. Use silent operation to turn off all tones

RV Mattress

“This stock mattress that came with our RV is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever slept on”, said no one! For whatever reason, RV Mattresses from the factory are just not comfortable. There are dozens of options for replacements out there, but we’ve found a 12-inch memory foam mattress from Amazon was a great comfort AND budget-friendly option. Most people upgrade their RV mattresses right out of the gate and this is the mattress we went with when we upgraded. Be sure to use the coupon code “grateful” at checkout for a special discount!

Oxygenics Shower Head

Water pressure in an RV isn’t always the best. And because you actually have to regulate the water pressure to make sure it’s not too far about 65-70 PSI anyways, water pressure can be an issue when showering. The Oxygenics showerheads actually help to increase shower pressure. It’s an easy swap out of the old showerhead to the new one too.

ETL Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Handheld Shower - Brushed Nickel, 72 inch Hose length
  • 5 Spray Settings Are Powered By Cutting-Edge Technology To Increase Pressure
  • Rubber Finger Grips Prevents Any Slippage Or Dropping
  • Flow Control Lever Quickly Adjusts Shower Pressure For A More Versatile Experience

Instant Pot

I use my instant pot for most of our meals in the RV. Tacos? Just use the sauté button, brown your meat, and add seasoning. Rice? Use the rice button. Hard-boiled eggs are super easy, and many more options too. I got the smaller version to keep in the RV since I’m not cooking for an army even if we do have another family over for dinner.

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker, Warmer & Sterilizer, Includes Free App with over 1900 Recipes, Stainless Steel, 3 Quart
  • 7-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Pressure cook, slow cook, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté pan and food warmer.
  • QUICK ONE-TOUCH COOKING: 13 customizable Smart Programs for pressure cooking ribs, soups, beans, rice, poultry, yogurt, desserts and more.
  • COOK FAST OR SLOW: Pressure cook delicious one-pot meals up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods or slow cook your favorite traditional recipes – just like grandma used to make.

Collapsible Bowls

Anything that collapses down is your friend when it comes to RV Living! Since storage and weight are precious commodities, having something that folds down is best.

Collapsible bowls are a great option for RVers who are looking to save space in their vehicle. These bowls offer several benefits that make them ideal for use in an RV:

  1. Space-saving: Collapsible bowls are designed to be compact and lightweight, taking up minimal space when not in use. This is especially important in RVs, where storage space is limited. When not in use, these bowls can be easily stored in a drawer or cupboard, freeing up valuable counter or shelf space.
  2. Convenient: Collapsible bowls are easy to use and are perfect for outdoor activities, such as camping, picnicking, or tailgating. They can be filled with food, snacks, or drinks, and then easily collapsed for storage. This makes them convenient for RVers who are always on the move and need a compact and easy-to-use option for food storage.
  3. Durable: Collapsible bowls are made with high-quality materials that are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are often made with BPA-free plastic and silicone, making them safe for food use and resistant to cracking, breaking, or tearing.
  4. Easy to Clean: Collapsible bowls are easy to clean, with smooth surfaces that make it simple to wipe them down after use. They are also dishwasher safe, which further reduces the effort required for cleaning.
  5. Versatile: Collapsible bowls come in a range of sizes and colors, making them versatile and suitable for a variety of uses. They can be used for eating, serving, or storing food, and are ideal for use in an RV, where space is limited.

Induction Cooktop

This was one of the BEST upgrades we’ve ever made to our RV! We love using this for a cooktop vs. the traditional propane stove-type cooktop that most RVs come with. Our favorite part of this upgrade is an induction cooktop that doesn’t put out heat. Rather it uses magnetic technology to create heat in the pan for cooking.

Induction Cooktop Upgrade RV Accessories
Induction Cook Top Upgrade


I am a minimalist at heart. This is why I have 1 sauté type pan and 1 pot. I do not need more than this since I also use an instant pot for cooking. Because we need induction-compatible cookware, I wanted to invest in something high quality but did not want to drop a fortune on a whole new set of cookware. This is why I recommend the stainless steel cookware from Cookware360. They are made in the USA, are durable, and are induction compatible and if you get JUST what you really need for RV living (one pot, one pan) it doesn’t break the bank. We also have a discount code for Cookware 360 – using the code GLAMPER20 at checkout will save you 20%.

RV Accessories Cookware 360


Using an RV-specific GPS does not ensure you will never accidentally find yourself on an “RV unfriendly” road, but it can definitely help you avoid things like low bridges, narrow streets, etc. We have the Garmin 770 that we purchased a few years back. There is a newer version of the Garmin RV Specific GPS which we listed below.

An RV GPS is a specialized navigation system designed specifically for recreational vehicles. There are several benefits to using an RV GPS, including:

  1. Routing for RVs: An RV GPS is designed to take into account the unique routing needs of recreational vehicles, including weight, height, and length restrictions, low overpasses, and winding roads. This allows RVers to plan their routes more efficiently, avoiding narrow roads, low bridges, and other obstacles that could cause damage to their vehicle.
  2. Real-Time Traffic Updates: An RV GPS provides real-time traffic updates, helping RVers to avoid congested roads and areas with heavy traffic. This helps to save time and reduces the stress of driving, making it easier to reach your destination.
  3. Points of Interest: An RV GPS often includes a comprehensive database of points of interest, such as campgrounds, RV parks, and rest areas. This helps RVers easily find places to stay, refuel, and rest along their route.
  4. Ease of Use: An RV GPS is designed to be user-friendly, with large, easy-to-read displays and intuitive interfaces. This makes it simple for RVers to plan their routes and navigate to their destination.
  5. Increased Safety: An RV GPS provides a more efficient and safe driving experience, helping RVers to avoid roads that are not suitable for their vehicle. This reduces the risk of accidents and makes it easier to reach your destination safely.

An RV GPS is an essential tool for RVers, providing a range of benefits that make it easier and more convenient to plan your route and navigate to your destination. With features such as real-time traffic updates, points of interest, and ease of use, an RV GPS helps RVers travel with confidence and enjoy their time on the road.

We highly recommend using some navigation for RVs specifically. You essentially program your RV’s weight and height to the GPS unit, which can help avoid getting into situations where an accident could occur due to tight spaces, low bridges, etc.

Garmin RV 890, GPS Navigator for RVs with Edge-to-Edge 8” Display, Preloaded Campgrounds, Custom Routing and More
  • Large 8" RV navigator with high-resolution touch display and options for portrait and landscape mode.Control Method:Touch,Application,Voice.Special Feature:Custom Routing; Driver Alerts; RV Parks and Services Info; Easy Trip Planning.
  • Custom routing considers the size and weight of your RV then finds the best route (not available in all areas)
  • Provides road warnings to keep you aware of steep grades, sharp curves, weight limits and more

Wire Racks/Wire Bins

These types of bins can be used in cabinets, and storage spaces but ALSO mounted to the walls. They come in white and black so if used mounted to the wall, you can match almost any decor.

Slideep Freezer Baskets Farmhouse Organizer Storage Basket with Handles, Food Storage Bin for Kitchen Cabinets, Pantry, Closet, Bedroom, Bathroom, Office, 2 Pack, White
  • MODERN FARMHOUSE INSPIRED STYLE:Beautifully complements rustic, farmhouse, vintage retro, and shabby chic home décor.Measures approximately 15.7"L x 9.5"W x 6.3"H.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE STORAGE:Great for books, magazines, toys, blankets, linens, towels, bath/spa toiletries, laundry needs, craft supplies, accessories — Christmas/holiday gift basket, dry goods, snacks, soups, canned goods, seasoning/flavor packets, and many other kitchen pantry items.
  • VERSTAILE FOR ANY ROOM:Suitable for kitchen cabinet, pantry, closet, bedroom, bathroom shelf baskets, living room, laundry area, linen closet, office, pantry, nursery, entryway foyer, college dorm décor and more.

Ikea Bins

Ikea is a great place to find all sorts of things for small living. I love using their bins vs. bins from places like Dollar Tree because they are of higher quality. I use Ikea bins (Variera) in places like our fridges, cabinets, drawers, and more. Especially in the fridge, they help to keep things from sliding around on travel days. Items such as carbonated beverages will EXPLODE in your face if they move around too much. Trust me, I speak from experience here. Using bins in the fridge to keep things in place is the only way I put drinks in the fridge now.

IKEA 301.550.19 VARIERA Convenient Kitchen Open Storage Box, High Gloss White, Easy to Carry and Take Out of Your Kitchen Drawers or Shelves Since it Has Two Grip-friendly Handles
  • The box is easy to carry and take in and out of a drawer or shelf since it has two cut-out handles that make it comfortable to grip.
  • For convenient storage of groceries, paper products and other items. The open box makes it easy for you to overview and access the contents.
  • Easy to clean, with soft rounded corners.

Closet Organizer

Having a way to store things like towels, shoes, sheets, blankets, etc is helpful. Since our RV is a diesel pusher, we cannot install anything into the closet that cannot come out easily. This is because we need access to the engine area which is under the floorboard of the closet. So when putting things in the closet, we have to think about how easy it will come back out if need be. Using a hanging closet organizer is helpful since it can easily be taken off the clothes rack and pulled out if need be. It also does not weigh much, so when weight is a consideration, this is a great way to organize without building heavy shelves, etc.

GRANNY SAYS 3-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer, Collapsible Closet Hanging Shelves, Nursery Hanging Organizer, Black, 29 ¾" H X 12" W X 12" D, 1-Pack
  • Simplify Your Life - 3-shelf organizers work great in closet, shelves and wardrobe for storing children's clothes, tees, towels, accessories, scarves, diapers, baby wipes, etc.
  • Leak Proof Design - The design of each layer prevents items from slipping off accidentally, especially some small items of children.
  • Foldable and Portable - No assembly required, the storage closet organizer can be collapsed flat for space-saving when not in use or taken to travel. Perfect for RV accessories, camper storage.

Interior Rugs (Washable or Replaceable)

Area rugs just make an area feel more like home. Because we try to take off shoes when coming into our RV, it does help to keep dirt out. However, rugs will get dirty from time to time. I wanted rugs that I could either wash and clean or just replace if needed. This shag-style rug on Amazon is my favorite because it can be washed in a large washer but also it’s fairly inexpensive, so I can replace it when it’s just not as clean or fluffy as it once was.

LOCHAS Luxury Shag Area Rug 4x6 Feet Geometric Plush Fluffy Rugs, Extra Soft Carpet Moroccan Rugs for Bedroom Living Room Dorm Kids, High Pile Shaggy Floor Rug Decor, Light Grey/White
  • Extra Soft Area Rug: The area rug is incredibly soft and features a top layer of fluffy material with sponge interlayer, which is softer and more luxurious underfoot; Its comfy fabric is very family-friendly and ideal for bedroom, living room
  • Large Size and Modern Design: Our generously sized rug is 4 feet x 5.9 feet and provides excellent touch feeling; Each rug prints with a morocco pattern in modern design, to create a peaceful atmosphere for your master bedroom, home office, or dining room
  • Thousands of Strong Dots: Our fluffy carpet is back with thousands of strong grip dots that help hold in place on wooden or other floor, and hold up even with kids and pets; This fluffy carpet is a great decor for the kids bedroom, nursery and dorm

Small Broom & Dustpan

I like to keep a small-ish handheld broom and dustpan near the front door to sweep out the RV, then brush off the steps. We sweep at least 1x a day, but also when getting ready to move the RV on travel days. Everything is swept out the front door, the front steps are swept as well as part of our “pack down” process.

OXO Good Grips Dustpan and Brush Set, White
  • Whisk-broom brush shape makes it easy to sweep from above and reach in corners
  • Soft, flexible lip covers the entire Dustpan width and conforms to surfaces for efficient cleaning
  • Brush snaps into Dustpan for storage

Command Hooks

Command hooks will be your best friend during RV Life! From hanging up lightweight items such as dishtowels to heavier items like backpacks, command hooks are a great option. You can find command hooks that will hold heavier items as well. I use a larger command hook to hang my backpack WITH my laptop IN it. These hooks also make great use of empty wall space. Anytime you can use wall space in the RV, it’s a plus!

Command Forever Classic Large Metal Wall Hooks, Damage Free Hanging Wall Hooks with Adhesive Strips, No Tools Wall Hooks for Hanging Decorations in Living Spaces, 2 Metal Hooks and 4 Command Strips
  • HOLDS UP TO 5 POUNDS: One package of the Command Large Metal Hooks includes two Large metal wall hooks and four Large adhesive strips; each adhesive wall hook can hold up to 5 pounds
  • DAMAGE FREE HANGING: Wall hooks work without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue so you can move and rehang hats, calendars, keys, measuring spoons, cleaning tools, jewelry, and decor or even use as a coat hook to hang your favorite jackets and coats
  • WORKS ON A VARIETY OF SMOOTH SURFACES: Adhesive wall hangers work on a variety of smooth surfaces, including painted walls, finished wood, painted concrete cinder blocks, laminate, glass, metal and tiles

Nano Tape

This has REVOLUTIONIZED RV storage for me. I’ve been using Nano tape to hang things on the walls like small bamboo boxes and wooden boxes/trays. I found some super cute, lightweight wooden boxes at Hobby Lobby that I mounted on the wall with Nano tape. You can also use it to mount things like photos, wall mirrors, etc.

Nano tape is a type of double-sided adhesive tape that is made from a strong, clear material and is designed to stick to a variety of surfaces without leaving residue. It is often referred to as “magical tape” or “traceless tape” because of its strength and versatility. The tape is often made of a flexible and durable material, such as silicone or PU gel, which allows it to adhere to a variety of surfaces and hold up to a considerable amount of weight.

Nano tape is typically sold in rolls or pre-cut strips and is commonly used for a variety of household, office, and craft applications. It is often used as a substitute for traditional adhesives, such as glue or tape, and is especially useful for attaching objects to RV walls or surfaces without damaging them. It is also reusable, making it a more eco-friendly option compared to other types of tape or adhesives.

Nano tape is a type of double-sided adhesive tape that is known for its strength, versatility, and ability to stick to a variety of surfaces without leaving residue. It is an effective alternative to traditional adhesives and we love the fact that it’s removable!

Wall Rack RV Accessories
Hanging on the wall with just Nano Tape. It hasn’t fallen off the wall yet!
Lockport Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty Hanging Tape – 4 Pack Removable Nano Tape – 40 Ft Double Side Tape for Walls, Wood, Tile, Plastic & Metal Surfaces – Strong Grip – Double Sided Mounting Tape
  • NO NEED TO DRILL- Skip the power drill and avoid holes in your walls with Lockport’s double sided, clear gel sticky tape. It’s strong, reusable, and leaves no residue. With 40 ft, you’ll have plenty to decorate every wall in your home
  • EXTRA STRONG GRIP - With 2mm thickness, this two sided tape heavy duty has a better grip than most 1mm wall tape on the market. Securely hang photos, shelves, and gadgets that will stay put with an incredibly tight attachment
  • VERSATILE USE– Lockport nano tape can be used for more than just hanging pictures or hooks. Try it with remote controls or as carpet tape to prevent sliding. You’ll be surprised by the multipurpose of this

Coffee Pot

This might seem like a given, but if you are a coffee drinker you will want a way to make coffee while on the road! We’ve used all the things from french presses and Keurigs. But we keep coming back to the old-school coffee pot!

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, CM1160B-1, Programmable, Washable Basket Filter, Sneak-A-Cup, Auto Brew, Water Window, Keep Hot Plate, Black
  • QuickTouch Programming - Easily program the 24-hour auto brew feature so you can wake up to a fresh pot of coffee.
  • Digital Controls with Rubberized Feel - Large, rubberized buttons give you full control of the coffeemaker, and the easy-read screen displays the clock, brew time, and programming options.
  • Sneak-a-Cup - This feature temporarily stops the flow of coffee so you can pour your first cup before brewing ends without making a mess.

Paper Plates (Compostable)

I prefer to use paper plates when boondocking or when we need to be hyper-aware of water use. However, I do not like the environmental impact disposable things have on our earth. So using compostable paper plates is a great alternative. You can throw them away and know they decompose quickly. Which means less of a negative impact on the environment.

100% Compostable Paper Plates, Heavy Duty Disposable Plates [125-Pack] 9 Inch Plates - Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Sugarcane Bagasse, Natural Unbleached Brown 9" Dinner Paper Plate Disposable
  • ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE: These aren't just plates or bowls; they're a revolution made from recycled/repurposed bagasse and bamboo. No trees harmed, just sugar cane leftovers turned into something amazing. We're tree lovers, just like you. They're thick sturdy, strong, and a and a symbol of your commitment to the environment and sustainability.
  • BIODEGRADABLE CHAMPIONS: These BPI-certified 100% compostable all-stars aren't destined for the landfill. At a commercial compost facility, they'll return to nature in 90 days flat. Zero waste, maximum impact! We really love our planet and are committed to keeping it clean!
  • HEAVY-DUTY AND MICROWAVABLE: Don't underestimate these nature warriors. Our plates are four times stronger than standard disposable paper or plastic ones. They're able to resist oil, sogginess, bending, and knife cuts. Plus, they're safe to use in the microwave, and can be used for hot or cold.

Plasticware (Compostable)

Being able to dispose of cutlery or cups when camping is helpful IF AND WHEN you do not have access to full hookups. Meaning you have to be conservative with both water use but ALSO with wastewater use. I prefer the compostable versions which are readily available on both Amazon and available in most grocery and “big box” stores.

100% Compostable Paper Plates, Heavy Duty Disposable Plates [125-Pack] 9 Inch Plates - Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Sugarcane Bagasse, Natural Unbleached Brown 9" Dinner Paper Plate Disposable
  • ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE: These aren't just plates or bowls; they're a revolution made from recycled/repurposed bagasse and bamboo. No trees harmed, just sugar cane leftovers turned into something amazing. We're tree lovers, just like you. They're thick sturdy, strong, and a and a symbol of your commitment to the environment and sustainability.
  • BIODEGRADABLE CHAMPIONS: These BPI-certified 100% compostable all-stars aren't destined for the landfill. At a commercial compost facility, they'll return to nature in 90 days flat. Zero waste, maximum impact! We really love our planet and are committed to keeping it clean!
  • HEAVY-DUTY AND MICROWAVABLE: Don't underestimate these nature warriors. Our plates are four times stronger than standard disposable paper or plastic ones. They're able to resist oil, sogginess, bending, and knife cuts. Plus, they're safe to use in the microwave, and can be used for hot or cold.


This is a material used as insulation. It’s a silver color bubble wrap material that helps to keep heat and cold out (depending on the season). We also use this material in our windows to block out light when needed at night (I prefer a very dark room at night). We have a very large piece that fits in our windshield if we are staying in an area where the sun shines in the windshield area causing a lot of heat. You can also put it on the backside of your RV cabinets to help mitigate heat from entering your RV.

Reflectix BP24010 Series Foil Insulation, 24 in. x 10 ft, Multicolor
  • Inhibits or eliminates condensation
  • Nontoxic/no carcinogenic
  • Does not require Protective clothing, goggles, or respirator

Small Fans (White Noise & Other Uses)

I need white noise to sleep better at night. If we are staying overnight in a parking lot, there is sometimes extra noise that can make it hard to sleep (RV generators, vehicle traffic, etc). Using a fan for “white noise” is helpful for sleeping in these situations. Having a small fan is also great if you just need to cool off a little, dry carpet that something spilled on, etc. Overall, it’s just a great little accessory to have in the RV.

Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan, Bliss Blue, Small
  • Innovative Design: Flippi has a sleek, high-gloss finish and a pivoting head to conceal the fan for travel or easy storage. Flippi comes in a variety of colors and is a great fit for any space.
  • Safe and Easy to Use: Flippi features a 2-speed manual control, allowing you to dial in your comfort. Additionally, the blades of the fan are protected by tight grille spirals to keep curious fingers from getting through.
  • Powerful Multi-Directional Airflow: Flippi uses our signature Vortex Action to move all of the air around you. This along with an adjustable tilt head allows you to direct as much air as you need, exactly where you need it.

Ikea Rail With Bins

The Sunnersta lineup of hanging baskets and buckets from Ikea is great for smaller spaces like bathrooms. We use this system in our bathroom for items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. Not only does it get these items up off the counter BUT it helps with travel days. It’s already up and out of the way off the counter, so there is less to have to pack up on travel days this way. This system can be used in a variety of places in an RV for storage and organizing.

RV Accessories IKEA Sunnersta

RV Toilet Paper

I know this seems like a no-brainer BUT you’d be surprised by how many RV’ers make the mistake of using toilet paper that is not a rapidly dissolving type of toilet paper. This can cause clogs in the back tank. The last thing you want is a clog of poo! Any time anything goes wrong with the black tank, it’s not a good day. Every bit of prevention is worth it when it comes to keeping the back tank working properly. If you want to know if the TP you’re using is a rapid dissolve, tear off a sheet of TP and put it in a glass jar with a lid. Fill with water and shake it up. If it starts to break apart and dissolve, you’re good to go. If not, find a different TP to use in your RV.

Boat and RV Toilet Paper Septic Safe Tissue Toilet Quick Dissolving 12 Single (1) Rolls for Marine and Travel Camper Systems Camping Biodegradable Supplies Dissolve and Tank Safe | TP Bulk Pack 2 Ply
  • DISSOLVES QUICKLY & WON'T CLOG: Our septic safe toilet paper dissolves faster and better than standard tissue paper. Designed to quickly break down so its safe for use in a porta potty, bath, marine holding tank or portable waste tank for camper.
  • BOAT, RV SUPPLIES & CAMP SEWER TANK SAFE: Take on your next travel, camping, hiking or fishing trip. Tissue toilet paper is safe for septic systems, portable toilet for camping , marine toilet paper for boats , camper toilet paper and backpacking.
  • SOFT YET STRONG 2 PLY: Our premium biodegradable quick dissolve boat and rv toilet paper 2 ply 500 sheet single 1 rolls get the job done and are ultra-soft while still being strong. Lightly textured for optimal clean and are dye and fragrance free.

Velcro Strips (Adhesive)

We used velcro strips to mount our TV. Seriously! These little strips are so handy for a variety of reasons but especially in areas where you might want to be able to remove something but hang it back up so you don’t lose it (like the TV remote)!

VELCRO Brand Heavy Duty Fasteners | 4x2 Inch Strips 4 Sets | Holds 10 lbs | Stick-On Adhesive Backed | Black Industrial Strength | For Indoor or Outdoor Use, 90209
  • DESIGNED FOR TOUGH APPLICATIONS: Super strong, superior holding power allow these adhesives to securely fasten to smooth surfaces including plastic, glass, metal, and painted wallboard
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED: No hammer, drilling, nails, or epoxy necessary, hook and loop strips industrial strength fasteners feature an easy peel and stick application, it’s the simple solution to organize on many surfaces without putting holes in the wall
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE ADHESIVE FASTENERS: These industrial strength hook and loop fasteners provide strong holding power designed for heavy-duty applications; safely holds up to 10 pounds

Lithium Portable Power Station

We have two battery packs for backup power. One from Bluetti and one from Togo Power. We really like our battery pack from Togo power. We cannot tell you how many times we’ve needed a portable source of power for laptops while out and about in our tow vehicle. And rather than suck down the battery of our Jeep trying to keep a laptop charged while working remotely, using one of the portable power stations keep us powered when not hooked up to a power source.

Togopower battery power station
SaleBestseller No. 1
Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 300, 293Wh Backup Lithium Battery, 110V/300W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, Solar Generator for Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting Blackout (Solar Panel Optional)
  • SPEED UP YOUR RECHARGEABILITY: It takes only 2 hours to recharge 80% battery of the power station through the wall outlet and 60W PD USB-C port simultaneously. You can also recharge your power station with an AC adapator when at home, through the car outlet during a road trip or simply use a Jackery SolarSaga 100.
  • SAFE & STEADY POWER SUPPLY: Armed with a 293Wh lithium-ion battery pack, the Explorer 300 features 2 Pure Sine Wave AC outlets that deliver stable and safe 300W power. The portable power station weighs only 7.1 pounds. You can simply rest assured in outdoor off-grid activities.
  • POWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS: Featuring 2* AC outlet, 1* PD 60W USB-C port (input/output supported) , 1* fast charge 3.0 port, 1*USB-A port and 1* DC car port, the power station can recharge itself and charge (up to) 6 devices (e.g.Drones, Macbook, Cameras, etc.) at the same time to satisfy your outdoor needs.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Portable Power Station 300W(Peak 600W), BailiBatt 257Wh 8-Port Portable Generator with Flashlight, 110V Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet Lithium Battery, Solar Generator for CPAP Home Camping Emergency
  • Small But Powerfull – BailiBatt portable power station with lightweight 4.6 lbs, this portable generators for home use,camping and outdoor life.And this portable generator equipped with 69600mAh capacity, can charge many small devices,such as laptop,switch,phones,tablet,camera
  • Stable & Efficient Outputs – This outdoor generators built-in two pure sine wave AC outlets to protect your devices (laptop) from damage.The portable generator with regulated 12V DC outputs, can provide a stable power output.300W output, can run 8 appliances simultaneously(the total of all output power < 300 watts)
  • Multiple Safety Backup Power – This electric generator within clear LCD screen shows all operating status easily and timely. This solar powered generator built-in premium BMS system, can monitor voltage, current, and temperature, to protect the solar generator from damage

Solar Panel (to charge battery pack).

Speaking of a portable power station, no off-grid power source would be complete without an “off-grid” way to keep it charged up. We have a solar panel with our ToGo station to keep it charged up – with no need for an electrical outlet.

Togo Power 100W Portable Solar Panel for Jackery Explorer 240/300/500/ROCKPALS/Flashfish/Baldr Power Station, Foldable Solar Cell Solar Charger with USB Outputs for RV Laptop iPhone iPad
  • 🌞𝙈𝘼𝘿𝙀 𝙁𝙊𝙍 𝙎𝙊𝙇𝘼𝙍 𝙂𝙀𝙉𝙀𝙍𝘼𝙏𝙊𝙍𝙎: With included connectors of various sizes, TogoPower 100w folding solar panels are compatible with most solar generators on the market. 8mm DC Adapter for 𝙅𝙖𝙘𝙠𝙚𝙧𝙮 𝙀𝙭𝙥𝙡𝙤𝙧𝙚𝙧/𝘼𝙣𝙠𝙚𝙧/𝙂𝙤𝙖𝙡 𝙕𝙚𝙧𝙤, 5.5*2.1mm for 𝙁𝙡𝙖𝙨𝙝𝙛𝙞𝙨𝙝/𝙍𝙊𝘾𝙆𝙋𝘼𝙇𝙎 250/300/500w.
  • 🌞𝙃𝙞𝙜𝙝 𝙀𝙛𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙮: This unit has an efficiency rate of 𝟮𝟰%, which is 4% more than the market average. TogoPower 100W Solar Panel is equipped with 𝙝𝙞𝙜𝙝-𝙚𝙛𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙮 𝙢𝙤𝙣𝙤𝙘𝙧𝙮𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚 𝙨𝙞𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙤𝙣 𝙘𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙨 and a EFEF durable solar panel. Ideally suited for outdoor life, camping, travel, picnic, home emergency and off grid living power outage supplies.
  • 🌞𝙎𝙈𝘼𝙍𝙏 𝘾𝙃𝘼𝙍𝙂𝙄𝙉𝙂 𝙏𝙀𝘾𝙃𝙉𝙊𝙇𝙊𝙂𝙔: The build-in smart IC chip intelligently identifies your device, and maximizes its charging speed while protects your devices from over charging and overloading. Equipped with 18W USB QC 3.0 output, provides 4 times faster charging speed for your smartphones, tablets, DV, etc.

RV Fridge Fan

This is a fan installed on the outside of the fridge. The reason you WANT a fan here is to help keep the hot air moving away from the back of the fridge and up the vent on the roof. This helps the fridge stay cooler and operate at peak efficiency. This is super important when camping in hot climates or during the summer months when it’s warmer outside. We also set up a fridge fan to blow into the cooling fins to reduce icing up and increase efficiency so your food stays super cold! Quick tip – you will also want to ensure your RV is completely level. If it’s not, the chemical coolant in the fridge cannot travel through the coils, not allowing it to do its job.

TITAN- 12V DC Double Rack Mount Ventilation Cooling Fan for Fridge Vent and Ventilation Grille with Speed Controller (120mm)
  • DESIGN FOR VENT & GRILLE MOUNTING VENTILATION- Great for refrigerator vent & grille ventilation in your motorhome, camper van, camper truck, caravan or any cabinets.
  • FLEXIBLE AND SMART SPEED CONTROL MODE- Auto Temperature Control/ 6-levels manual controller to adjust for particular needs
  • ALL WEATHER ACCEPTABLE- IP 55 Waterproof &dustproof fan, perfect for outdoor use

Micro Air RV Thermostat

This RV thermostat is a little gem and is super easy to install – it’s literally plug & play. It replaces the existing thermostat in most applications. The cool thing about this thermostat (no pun intended) is that you can control it with your smartphone via WIFI or Bluetooth. If you’ve gone for the day and want to cool down your rig before you get back, you can bump up the A/C’s before you get back. Or maybe you have a furry friend and you want to be able to keep them comfortable while you’re away. There are several settings to be able to choose from, a large display, and no monthly service fees.

MICRO-AIR EasyTouch Thermostat WiFi Bluetooth Replacement RV Thermostat Compatible with Coleman ASY-355C-X03
  • 🤔 30 different models! - See Hutch Mountain’s site for model selector to ensure you get the correct model.
  • ❄️ Control RV’s air conditioner, furnace & heat pump, etc
  • ❄️ Wifi & bluetooth control from your couch or anywhere in the world!

Govee Temperature Sensor & Hydrometer

We love this gadget because of its many uses for it. Knowing the temperature and humidity level in your RV is good information to have. Especially if you are NOT in your RV at the time. But another use we love for the Govee is being able to monitor temp inside of the fridge WITHOUT having to open the fridge door. If you are having a cooling issue with your fridge, the last thing you want to do is open the door and let all the cool air out.

But if you have a thermometer in the fridge, you have to open the door to see it. The Govee uses Bluetooth (there is also a wifi version) so you can check the temperature THROUGH things like doors, walls, etc. We also like knowing how hot it is in our overhead cabinets, closets, and more. It’s a perfect little gadget with so many uses for RV Life.

Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer H5179, Smart Humidity Temperature Sensor with App Notification Alert, 2 Years Free Data Storage Export, Remote Monitor for Room Greenhouse Incubator Wine Cellar
  • Smart WiFi Control: Easily monitor temp and humidity data in real time from anywhere. With stable WiFi and Bluetooth connection via the Govee Home app, you'll have more opportunities to react to changes in your air quality (not support 5G WiFi).
  • Fast & Accurate: Equipped with a Swiss made sensor, this WiFi thermometer provides precise readings. Temperature is accurate to ±0.54℉/±0.3℃, and humidity is ±3%RH. By refreshing every 2s, you'll stay regularly updated. Now supports widget function.
  • Alert Function: Set preset temp and humidity ranges, and receive an app alert immediately whenever levels fall out of that range, which helps you react faster to sudden changes in your basement, greenhouse, etc. Only supports Bluetooth settings.

Keypad Door Lock

Have you ever been locked out of your RV? Yeah, we’ve been there and done that. And let me tell you from first-hand experience it’s not fun. Locksmiths on an emergency basis are not cheap…but I digress. Having a keypad door lock can not only help avoid this situation but also make your entry door more secure since many RVs have the SAME lock system (with the SAME key)!

RV Keyless Entry Door Lock | LATCH.IT RV Door Lock Keyless Entry | All Metal Keyless RV Door Lock | Keyless Locks w/ 2 Fobs | Sealed Electricals Unlike Competition! | Only Fits 2.75" x 3.75" Lock Hole
  • ✔️ WILL IT FIT MY APPLICATION? Our ALL METAL V3.0 RV Door Lock fits RVs and trailers with an opening of 3.75" tall x 2.75" wide x 1.5" thick. UNLIKE ANY OTHER RV DOOR LOCK IN THE MARKET. CHECK DIMENSIONS and latch style with your trailer or RV before purchasing! NOW 100% METAL & FULLY SEALED ELECTRICALS. UNLIKE ANYONE ELSE IN THE MARKET!
  • ✔️ WHILE OTHER RV KEYLESS DOOR LOCKS ARE flimsy and made of plastic, our NEW ALL-METAL V3.0 RV Door lock is NOW LIGHTER & STRONGER than before! The new WATERPROOFING TECHNOLOGY allows our locks to handle extreme rain & humidity. The back-lit keypad allows easy entry at night or in the dark. Allow us to secure your valuables and HELP YOU TRAVEL WORRY FREE WITH LOVED ONES.
  • ✔️ EACH KIT ARRIVES READY TO INSTALL AND INCLUDES 1x RV Door Lock, 2x v3.0 Key-fobs, 4x AA Batteries, 4x V3.0 Mechanical Keys, 1x Sealing Gasket, 1x Screwdriver, 1x Extra Keypad Overlay, Mounting Hardware & Owner's Manual/Install Guide. INSTALL IT WITHIN 10-MINUTES! All 100% backed by our 24/7 Online Support. MAKE SURE OUR LOCK DIMENSIONS FIT YOUR APPLICATION.

Berkey Water Filter

One thing I learned from a seasoned traveler friend was the importance of the consistency of clean drinking water to maintain health during travel. Cities will use various methods & chemistry in treating drinking water. This means the water you find from city water in say Orlando, FL will be different from Nashville, TN. My traveling guru friend shared that when your body is having to filter out different things because of the inconsistency of water quality, you tend to get sick easier. We now ensure when traveling to use a good quality filter for drinking water.

Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Elements–Enjoy Potable Water While Camping, RVing, Off-Grid, Emergencies, Every Day at Home
  • POTABLE WATER IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS- Black Berkey Elements remove or dramatically reduce over 200+ typical contaminants that could be present in lakes, rivers, ponds, streams and other freshwater sources—no electricity, tools, or plumbing are required. The Travel Berkey Water Filter System provides clean, refreshing potable water while camping, fishing, RVing, off-grid living and in emergencies, disaster preparedness and recovery scenarios.
  • ENJOY GREAT-TASTING TAP WATER EVERY DAY- The Travel Berkey System can be used at the campground, RV park, off-grid shelter to transform questionable water into clean drinking water that's also ideal for hydrating freeze-dried food, making your favorite beverages, cooking and personal hygiene. Equipped with Black Berkey Elements, the Travel Berkey System addresses over 200+ typical contaminants that could be present in tap water.
  • ECONOMICAL, LONG-LASTING- Black Berkey Elements average just pennies per gallon of water. Each pair of Black Berkey Elements lasts for up to 6,000 gallons before replacement is recommended. Elements may require replacement sooner based upon the quality of influent water. Each additional pair of Black Berkey Elements (sold separately) adds an additional 6,000 gallons of contaminant reduction.

Back-Up Portable RV Fridge

RV Fridges are not always 100% percent reliable. Plus if you have a larger family, the space inside an RV fridge might not be enough for weekly grocery shopping. We carry the Setpower portable fridge for a few reasons – one is it is a great backup should our RV fail. Second, it can be plugged into a power source in the Jeep. I can grocery shop while out and about and the food is staying cold in the fridge in the Jeep while we go eat at a restaurant, explore a museum, or do whatever we want to go do.

setpower portable refrigerator RV Accessories

Insulated Cooler (Soft Sided)

When we are making a “day trip” and don’t want to take the larger portable fridge, we use a soft-sided cooler. Plus, a soft-sided cooler is much easier to haul down to the beach! The reason we use a soft-sided one is that it’s easier to fit into storage places in the RV. We’ve been through different types of coolers and the one downside in the past is they did not stay cold as long as a traditional hard-sided cooler with more insulation. That is until we were sent this one from BougeRV. It’s comparable to the YETI brand and keeps ice frozen in hot temps all day long! It’s waterproof both inside and out and get’s the job done.

RV Accessories Soft Sided Cooler

Back up (rear view) Camera

Our Class A motorhome has a factory-installed rear camera. But many RV’s do not come factory equipped with this option. I really like having this camera for multiple reasons. One is when we are driving down the road, I can see our TOAD behind us and I know it didn’t fall off somewhere. I know, sort of a given, BUT tow bars can fail, and better to catch a potential issue sooner vs. later. The other reason for having a backup camera during travel days is I can see when another vehicle is approaching from behind or on the blind spots of the RV. Likewise, I can see when the back of our TOAD has cleared a vehicle that I am passing. Lastly, when parked in a campground, I can see if anyone is behind our RV. Having cameras around is just a good idea in general.

Furrion Vision S 3-Camera Wireless RV Backup System with 7-Inch Monitor, 1 Rear Sharkfin, 2 Side Running Light Cameras, Infrared Night Vision, Wide-Angle View, Hi-Res, IP65 Waterproof - FOS07TAEN
  • Easy & Quick Installation: Most RVs are already prepped for the Vision S system, eliminating extensive drilling requirements. The unique Sharkfin camera fits on the pre-installed prep and the marker light cameras can replace your existing marker lights
  • Waterproof Cameras with Night Vision: Comes with 3 High Resolution (720x480) IP65 waterproof cameras with infrared night vision, live streaming, intelligent IR cut filters and wide viewing angles
  • Stable & Long Range Signal Strength: The 2.4GHz proprietary wireless communication provides a reliable digital connection with no lag between the camera and monitor . Tested for up to 100ft at high speeds and extended range of up to 492ft in open spaces

Dash Cam

We got “braked checked” once in California, and it caused damage to our brake from having to jam them on so quickly. Evidently, some people think it’s fun to pull in front of a 40,000-pound vehicle and slam on their brakes. I really wished we had a dashcam at the moment this happened so, we picked one up. Not only it is a good idea from a liability perspective but you never know when you might catch that alien ship landing at night (just kidding). But seriously, I think we’ve all seen strange stuff we wish we would have captured on video.

Garmin 010-02504-00 Dash Cam Mini 2, Tiny Size, 1080p and 140-degree FOV, Monitor Your Vehicle While Away w/ New Connected Features, Voice Control, Black
  • Car key-sized dash camera mounts discreetly behind rearview mirror and goes virtually unnoticed; automatically records and saves video of incidents
  • Wide 140-degree lens records 1080p video with Garmin Clarity HDR optics for crisp detail day and night
  • Voice control (only available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish) lets you use spoken commands to save video, start/stop audio recording, take still pictures and more

Camco Inline Water Filter

Water filters are a great idea for the water you use to wash your hands, shower with, etc. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so what goes on in our skin will absorb into our system. Knowing that any potentially harmful contaminants are being filtered with the water you use is just a good idea and gives you peace of mind.

Camco TastePURE RV Water Filter - New Advanced 6-Step Patent-Protected Filtration - Camping Essentials for Fresh Drinking Water - RV Inline Water Filter w/Flexible Hose Protector, Made in USA (40043)
  • 6-Step Water Filtration System: Filter hose washer, pre-filtration layer for debris, premium activated carbon filter, superior KDF formulation protecting against bacteria, a post-filtration layer, and spun polypropylene for 20-micron particle removal.
  • Superior Filtration Standard: Boost your water's purity with Granular Activated Carbon and Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF). More than just odor and taste; our water filters are bacteriostatic and remove sediment, ensuring cleaner water for consumption.
  • Versatile and Essential: An indispensable tool for camping and a must-have among boat accessories. Ensure clean water wherever you go, making it a top choice for your camping accessories and a vital component in your list of travel must haves.

Travel Journal

What better way to preserve memories than by journaling about your stays? We also find these journals are a great way to incorporate language arts skills into our travels. We have the kids fill out their journals about their stay BEFORE they can jump on screens during travel days.

enjoy the journey journal

Collapsible Dish Rack

Anything that folds down is your friend! Some people prefer a regular-size dish rack for larger dishes, etc. Because let’s face it, MOST RV’s do NOT have a dishwasher (unless you count your kids as dishwashers)!

Masirs Pop-Up Collapsible Dish Drying Rack: Convenient Storage, Drains into Sink, Eight Large Plate Capacity, Sectional Cutlery and Utensil Compartment. Compact and Portable Design.
  • SPACE SAVING: Simply pop-up to use and then collapse down for easy storage under the sink when not in use.
  • COUNTERS STAY DRY: Dish drain board allows water to run directly into sink, keeping your counters clean and dry.
  • PLENTY OF SPACE: Room for eight large plates, plus built-in four sectional utensil drying rack.

Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

I prefer a smaller dish drying option in the form of a roll-up rack. I like this because I put it over one side of the sink and then roll it up and stash it away when not in use. It takes up very little space.

Belgoff Roll Up Dish Drying Rack 21" x 16" - Over The Sink for Kitchen Counter, Foldable SUS304 Stainless Steel Cups, Utensils, Fruits, Vegetables
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - The roll up dish drying storage rack holder can be used not only for drying kitchen utensils but also be a colander, a preparation desk put over the sink or a trivet for hot bowls to put on. For water drain and storage purposes.
  • HIGH QUALITY - xl kitchen sink draining rack is made of food grade stainless steel rods with silicone rubber which guarantees its long life and makes the rack organizer durable and non-slip.
  • CONVENIENT HOLDER - The silicone fringe drying rack strainer board fits most of sinks, can be cut in two if you need it to be smaller and can be easily rolled up and put away in the drawer giving your kitchen an ideal look.

RV Cover (for Storage)

If you put your RV into any type of storage situation, it’s best to keep the sun off it. UV rays are hard on paint, RV roofs, and surfaces in general. Putting a cover over your RV is a good idea if storing it away for a season. Also, make sure the cover is on tight as wind will shred RV covers (ask me how I know).

Quictent Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover, Extra-Thick 6-ply Camper Cover, Fits 30-33Ft Motorhome -Breathable Watertight Quick-Drying Rip-Stop Anti-UV with 2 Windproof Straps, 4 Tire Covers
  • 【Super Non-woven Plus】Camper Trailer Covers is designed with extra-thick new material "Super Non-woven Plus" which extends 6-ply roof material with 4-ply sides. This new material is softer than non-woven fabrics and has a higher watertight index. It is more tear-resistant and more breathable than Oxford fabrics. This material provides maximum weather and damage protection against harmful UV, rain, snow, dirt, nicks, and scratches.
  • 【Upgraded PVC Buckle Straps】✨We have obtained a patent for the design✨2 durable blue PVC Buckle Straps stitched to the RV body which is connected to the fabric as a whole. The straps pulling downwards enhance the force for cover tear resistance. There are 18 holes on the PVC straps on both sides that can be interchangeably connected with 6 adjustable fixing straps to keep the cover stable and wind-resistant.
  • 【Windproof & Quick-drying】6 Adjustable Fixing Straps + 2PCS Windproof Straps + Tension Panels are used to protect the cover against being blown away and torn by heavy wind. Meanwhile, campervan covers combining air vent systems with up to 6 air vents on both sides protect your RV cover by minimizing wind strength, reducing moisture and drying fast.

Tire Covers

If our RV is sitting in parks for more than a week, we put tire covers over the tires. This protects the rubber from UV rays which contribute to dry rot and cracking. RV tires for motorhomes are NOT cheap. You want to do all you can to help them last as long as possible.

Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector, 2 pack (30 inches-32 inches , White)
  • Protects Your RV Tires and Wheels: Helps protect your RV tires and wheels from sun, dirt, corrosion and weather while your vehicle is parked
  • Compatibility: Fits 30-inch to 32-inch RV tires
  • Buckle and Strap Design: Compact buckle and strap design provides easy installation and removal

Camping Chairs

We ditched the zero gravity chairs pretty quickly because they are just too big and bulky to lug around. Our travel style keeps us moving at least 1x a week so setting up camp with a lot of stuff, tables, chairs, etc. just isn’t our style. We’ve opted for folding Coleman chairs that we can also easily transport if we head to an event at the campground where you need to bring your chair.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Coleman Portable Camping Chair with 4-Can Cooler – Perfect for Camping, Tailgates, Beach, Sports and More
  • Inbuilt 4-can cooler pouch ensures your cold drinks are within easy reach
  • Fully cushioned seat and back provide optimal support and comfort
  • Features a mesh cup holder and side pocket for storing personal items swiftly
SaleBestseller No. 2
Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Camping Chair, Cooling Mesh Back with Cup Holder, Adjustable Arm Heights, & Carry Bag; Supports up to 250lbs
  • Cooling mesh fabric offers added ventilation for your back
  • Mesh cup holder keeps a beverage within reach
  • Strong steel frame folds up to fit inside most car trunks
Bestseller No. 3
Guide Gear Oversized XL Padded Camping Chair, Portable, Folding, Large Camp Lounge Chairs for Outdoor, Adults, Men and Women, Heavy-Duty 400-lb. Capacity, with Cup Holder
  • IDEAL FOR CAMPING – The Guide Gear XL Camping Chairs for adults are the ideal choice of outdoor camping chairs for camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity that requires a comfortable, durable seat.
  • LUXURIOUSLY COMFORTABLE – High-loft padding throughout the seat, backrest, and headrest of the folding camp chair adds lumbar and neck support while lounging.
  • 400-LB CAPACITY – Built with a sturdy steel frame, this camping folding chair offers a 400-lb weight capacity. The heavy duty camping chair is made with durable 600D polyester oxford fabric for long-lasting use.
Bestseller No. 4
Elevon Camp Chairs with Shade Canopy Chair Folding Camping Recliner Support with Carrying Bag, Multi-Color
  • FOLDING OUTDOOR CHAIR – Portable beach, camp, or lawn chair with a higher arched back and 22.8″ wide seat, patented tilt shade canopy, convenient carry bag, and mesh cup holders
  • SUN PROTECTION – Folding camp chair provides 50% more sun protection thanks to the unique and innovative tilting shade functionality that rises, lowers, and tilts easily
  • STURDY CHAIR – Features 600 x 300 denier polyester fabric for durability and comfort, and extra strong and durable fabric supports up to 225 lbs.; frame resists rust and corrosion

Folding Ottomans

These are a great add-on to the Coleman camp chairs we use. We’ve also used them as a small stool for sitting if we need to be near the ground working on a project in the basement compartments of the RV, etc.

Folding Table

Having a folding table is nice if you’re going to be in one place for an extended period of time. You can use it for a portable grill, outside cooking on a griddle, and more.

REDCAMP Small Folding Camping Table,2ft Portable Aluminum Outdoor Small Foldable Table Adjustable Height Lightweight for Picnic Cooking Beach
  • ▲ADJUSTABLE HEIGHTS: This 2 foot small folding table open size is L23.6"xW15.7"/60x40cm, available 2 heights can be adjusted from 10"/26cm to 19"/50cm with the adjustable legs. Pack size is 15.7"x11.8"x2.6"/40x30x6.5cm when folded in half.
  • ▲CONVENIENCE: Easy to set up the small folding table within 1 minute. Quick to fold and take with the convenient carry handle.
  • ▲LIGHTWEIGHT: The small camping table weighs 5.5lbs, holds up to 70lbs. Lightweight and portable for both home use in kitchen and outdoor use in camping, travel, outside concert or sports events.

Clear Fridge Bins (clear)

Bins help keep food safe on travel days but it’s also nice to SEE what’s in your fridge at a glance. Especially for things like fruits/veggies where if you forget about them, you’ll be asking yourself “what is that stank?” I’ve seen all sizes of clear fridge bins at places like Target, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. You can also find them on Amazon.

Set Of 8 Refrigerator Organizer Bins - 4 Large and 4 Medium Stackable Plastic Clear Food Storage Bin with Handles for Pantry, Freezer, Fridge, Cabinet, Kitchen Countertops - BPA Free
  • ❤【8 Pcs Fridge Organizer Bins Set】: This large refrigerator organizer bin set comes with 4 Large bins measure 11.2'' L x 6.7'' W x 3.6'' H and 4 medium bins measure 10.2'' L x 6.2'' W x 3.0'' H. Use these clear refrigerator storage bins make your fridge organized and neat and gain much more space.
  • ❤【Transparent Design】:The attractive clear plastic design makes it easy to see what is stored and find your items quickly. These non-slippery plastic organizer bins are easy to see into making them perfect as kitchen cabinet top containers. The practical, integrated handles facilitate the removal and flexible movement of the kitchen storage units. These clear fridge organizers and storage bins are made of durable BPA and Chlorine free shatter-resistant plastic.
  • ❤【Portable and Stackable Design】: This pantry storage bin stack or use them side by side to keep items organized and easy to find, helps for maximize your space, make organizing and everyday living a little easier. With these organizer bins, your refrigerator, kitchen cabinet, pantry, bedroom, bathroom will be more neatly.

Clear Elbow for Sewer Hose

Now I know this sounds super gross but it’s good to know when the water as you’re flushing is running clear. You WANT to flush out your black tank especially well to avoid smells after dumping. Having a clear elbow for your sewer hoses allows you to be able to see that you’ve gotten all the poo out.

Camco 39736, RhinoFlex Clear RV Sewer Hose Elbow with 4-in-1 Adapter | Features a 360-Degree Fitting Rotation and Built-in Gasket for Odor-Tight Protection | Fits 4 Sizes of Dump Station Inlets
  • Securely Connects: RV sewer elbow adapter fits securely into dump station connection
  • Fits Four sizes of Dump Station Inlets: fits securely into four sizes of dump station inlets— 4-inch NPT, 3. 5-inch NPT, 3-inch NPT and 3-inch slip fitting
  • Elbow is clear so you can see when your sewer hose has finished draining


We cannot tell you how many times we’ve used our generator. We love having this option for power when lot docking, dry camping, and more. Even if you have a solar setup, a cloudy day can throw a wrench in your available power. A generator is a nice thing to have along for off-grid camping.

TogoPower Portable Generator, 1000W Gasoline Powered Generator for Backup Home Use Camping Outdoors, CARB
  • 𝑾𝒊𝒅𝒆 𝑨𝒑𝒑𝒍𝒊𝒄𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏: The TogoPower GG1000 gas generator is a great back up outdoor generator for home use, job sites, camping, and more.
  • 𝙀𝙢𝙚𝙧𝙜𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙮 𝙋𝙤𝙬𝙚𝙧: This gasoline powered generator has a starting power of 1000W and a running power of 800W. It can support small household appliances such as blenders, coffee pots, blow dryers, fans, lamps, and more. This generator features 𝟭𝟮𝟬𝙑 𝘼𝘾 𝙤𝙪𝙩𝙥𝙪𝙩 𝙫𝙤𝙡𝙩𝙖𝙜𝙚.
  • 𝙃𝙞𝙜𝙝 𝘾𝙤𝙢𝙗𝙪𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝙀𝙛𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙮: This generator uses 90# Petrol & Oil mixing (50:1) to provide you with power on the go. This unit can run 𝙨𝙞𝙭 𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙨 𝙖𝙩 𝟱𝟬% 𝙡𝙤𝙖𝙙 when the 1.1 gallon tank is full.

Rope lights

Many people swear by using rope-style lights to keep away rodents and other unwanted pests in their RV. While I cannot give any personal testimony to verify if this does or does not work, I will tell you it’s nice to be able to at least SEE around the RV at night. And hey, it looks pretty cool too!

UltraPro LED Rope Lights, 16ft Classic Clear Rope, Warm White Light 3000K, Indoor/Outdoor, Flexible, Linkable, Durable, Rope Lights Outdoor, 54503
  • Adjustable Illumination – Flexible rope design offers dynamic lighting with a stylish personal touch — perfect for customizing any outdoor or indoor location
  • Warm White Light – Produces high-quality accent lighting and soothing atmosphere with warm white light (3000K)
  • Easy Installation – All mounting hardware comes in the box — wrap around trees, line landscapes, hang on decks and balconies or even install indoors

Tankless Water Heater

With a family of 4, we can only do about 2 showers before we let the hot water regenerate. We’ve been on the hunt for a tankless water heater that will work with our application, but so far no luck. Since our RV is a little older (2014) there might not be an option to go tankless….yet. But if you have the option for your RV, we’d highly recommend it!

FOGATTI RV Tankless Water Heater, InstaShower 8 Plus, Gen 2, with 15 x 15 inches Black Door and Remote Controller, DC 12V, Best High Altitude Performance, Ideal for RVers' Everyday Use
  • 【Unprecedented experience】The high altitude suitability mode allows the machine to run smoothly even when driving the caravan to the high Denver plateau at 9,800 feet. Staged combustion technology, which controls the amount of flame in summer, prevents the water from getting too hot and saves the limited propane gas available for caravan travel.
  • 【All RV water heaters can be replaced】The Fogatti RV water heater have a wide range of applications. The opening is 13 x 13 inches and the door is 15 x 15 inches. It can replace Suburban and Atwood's 6 gallons tank water heaters, as well as Girard and Furrion's tankless water heaters. If you previously used a 10 gallons tank water heater, it would need to be retrofitted with an 18 x 18 inches door.
  • 【Incessant hot water】With 55,000 BTU of power, it can produce a maximum of 2.9 GPM of hot water. Some tank heaters can only store up to 6-10 gallons of hot water and run out of hot water in 5-8 minutes, whereas our hot water supply lasts over 40 minutes.

A/C Filter

Some parts of this wonderful country are dusty! Since we also travel with animals, we need a way to keep the air ducts dust and animal hair-free. We use these disposable A/C filters and change them about 2x a month. This keeps the dust and animal hair out of the vents but ensures we have good airflow for the A/C system.

BougeRV 4 Pack RV A/C Filters Replacement RV Air Conditioner Filter 14" x7-1/2 RV Accessories
  • The package included 4 RV air conditioner filter pad.
  • BougeRV A/C filters can filter more dirt and spring pollen effectively . Keep the A/C and RV interior clean. No reduction in air flow afterward.
  • BougeRV RV A/C filters can be install easily and used without trimming.

Level Gauges

These are small but they are helpful to know if your RV is level or not. Some RVs have auto-leveling systems (like ours). But even after a day or two of sitting, an RV can start to sink a little. Especially in campgrounds where the campsite ground is softer (like grass and not gravel). These can help you easily see if you’re not level.

Sun Company Lev-o-gage II - RV Levels (2-Pack) - Made in USA | Leveling System for RV, Camper, or Pop Up Trailer | High Visibility Ball Level (No Bubble)
  • Ideal Tilt Reading - Each gauge monitors tilt from -10 to 10 degrees. Brass ball rides in special damping fluid for smooth, accurate leveler readings.
  • Easy to Read Display - Brass ball indicators in bright Saturn yellow tube assembly provide higher visibility than traditional bubble levels. Engraved and hand painted numbers make for a functional, easy-to-read display.
  • Shatterproof Design - Slope indicator tube assembly is made out of a rugged copolymer "flex tube" for ultimate durability. Can be mounted on the inside or outside of RV, camper, or popup trailer.

Spring Tension Rods (For Cupboards)

These little do-dads can save your noggin! That whole phrase they say on the airplane about contents shifting during flight? Yeah, the same goes for the RV on travels days too! These tension rods help keep things in place when opening cabinets after travel.

RV & Camper Adjustable Tension Rods 12"-19.5" - Essential Organizer Bars for Travel Trailers, Campers, and RVs Kitchens and Closets Must-Have, 6 Pack
  • Stability on the Go: Our 6-pack RV tension rods are an essential travel accessory for securing refrigerator and cabinet contents in RVs and campers. They prevent in-transit shifting, protecting against the risk of items tumbling upon arrival.
  • Adjustable Length: Easily adjustable from 12" to 19.5", these tension rods are perfect for a variety of storage spaces, making them a must-have for every RV and travel trailer interior.
  • Premium Material: Constructed from superior-grade rubber and metal, the non-slip rubber ends ensure a firm hold in place, maintaining the stability of the tension rods and the safety of your items.

Over The Door Hooks/Rack

I have a set of these I picked up at the local Dollar Tree! You can also find them on Amazon. They are great for towels, hats, clothes, and anything you want to hang over a traditional-style door.

ACMETOP Over The Door Hooks, Over the Door Towel Rack with 6 Coat Hook Heavy-Duty Door Hanger Hook Bathroom, Sturdy Over The Door Hanger Hook for Bag, Robe, Hat, Aluminum, Brushed Finish (Matte Black)
  • 【Functional & Effective Clutter Organizer】The over door hooks with double hook design has 12 large hooks to hold more and heavier items, making full use of the unused space behind the door to easily organize messy coats, hats, towels, bags umbrellas and etc. The door hanger can create great storage space for your laundry room, bathroom, bedroom, living room and more.
  • 【Sturdy & Durable Door Hook】The over the door hook is made of 6063 SPACE ALUMINUM for durability. Anodized to prevent rust and fading. The brushed matte finish resists scratches and fingerprints in daily use, and the sturdy construction is strong enough to hold up to 100 lbs.
  • 【Well Made & Attentive Design】The over the door hooks with smooth edges don't worry about scratching your hands or clothes. Delicate brushed finish makes the door hook look clean and stylish. Comes with thick or thin foam pads to adjust to fit and protect your door without making a sound when you open or close it.
RV Towels

Collapsible Laundry Bin/Basket

It’s nice to have one of these for hauling laundry back and forth from the laundry rooms at campgrounds. But it also folds away when not in use. I also find using laundry baskets to haul groceries in and out of the RV is helpful.

SAMMART 30L (8 Gallon) Collapsible 3 Handled Plastic Laundry Basket - Foldable Pop Up Storage Container/Organizer - Space Saving Hamper/Basket (White/Dark Green)
  • Patent: US 9,926,105 B2 ; DE 20 2014 101 047 U1 ; ZL 2014 1 0386688.1
  • BPA Free. User friendly by simply pop-up to open when using and collapses to flat for space saving
  • Space saving with Expanded size: 20 x 15.2 x 10(h) inches and its height just 2.7 inches after folds, save over 70% space when storage

Vacuum Sealing Bags for Storage, Blankets, etc.

I store away the blankets we don’t always need (but want to have in case we camp in a colder climate). Since space in an RV is already limited, using a space-saving bag for things like extra blankets, and winter coats create extra space by sucking out the air.

Amazon Basics Vacuum Compression Zipper Storage Bags With Hand Pump, 15-Pack, Multiple, White
  • 15-pack of assorted size vacuum storage compression bags for storing off-season clothes, towels, linens, and more
  • Vacuum seal bags save space by effectively compressing bulky textiles down 80% for compact, stackable storage under beds, in wardrobes, closets, cupboards, or suitcases
  • Heavy-duty double-zip seals and triple-seal turbo valve for lasting airtight protection; follow instructions printed on storage bags to ensure correct sealing when using

Fire Proof Bag/Safe

RV Fires are no joke. And an RV can be completely gone within minutes. We carry sensitive documents with us like passports and important repair receipts. Having these in a fireproof bag will protect you in the event that the unthinkable happens.

ROLOWAY Fireproof Document & Money Bags, Large Fireproof & Water Resistant Bag (15 x 12 x 5 inches), Fireproof Folder Safe Bag for Cash, Valuables & Passport, with Silicone Coating & Zipper Closure
  • Water Resistant and Fireproof Bag: with high quality Dual-layer of Fireproof Fiberglass, our fireproof document bags can withstand temperature as high as 2000 F in certain times. Meanwhile, the Silicone Coated Fiberglass Layer brings great water resistant ability, which enables our large fireproof bag to stand the spray of water in most conditions. In another word, your valuables are safe in our fireproof safe bag
  • Non-itchy Silicone Coating and Easy to Carry Fire Bag: our fireproof money bag is coated with high tech Non-itchy Silicone on fiberglass cloth. That means you don't need gloves to get your valuables out. With Soft Handle & Adjustable Shoulder Strap, this fireproof cash bag is super easy to carry all around. With the Portable design, we hope you could keep all your valuables well protected and prepared
  • Extra Large Capacity and Foldable Fire Safe Bag: with extra large capacity, you can put More Valuables in the fireproof safe bag, like passport, birth certificate, documents, tax paperwork, cards, photos, etc. Meantime, this fire proof document bag can be simply folded to store in the fireproof box, fire box safe, filing cabinet or be taken to any places you want

Small Cutting Board

I like when I find things that we call “RV Size” which really means it’s just a smaller version of the “real” thing. Small cutting boards fit in the RV cabinets easily and make clean-up easy too. I’ve purchased them at IKEA but you can also find them on Amazon as well.

Dexas Heavy Duty Grippmat Flexible Cutting Board Set of Four, 5.5 x 8, Gray, Red, White, Green
  • SET OF FOUR: Set of four brightly colored 8 by 5.5 inch cutting boards. Use different colors while cutting to avoid cross contamination
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: These innovative cutting boards are lightweight and flexible. They are non-porous and non-absorbent
  • NON-SLIP: The non-slip backing on the back side of each cutting board grips to counter surfaces for safety (non-slip backing makes these cutting boards not reversible)

Collapsible Measuring Cups and Spoons

Who says you can’t bake in an RV? I can make all sorts of things in our convection/microwave combo oven. The collapsible measure cups work well since they take up very little space in the RV. Having them on hand when I need them to whip up some biscuits and gravy is a plus!

Collapsible Bucket

This comes in handy for so many things! Washing the RV, carrying water for the dog, whatever you might want a bucket for. But the best part is it folds down for easy storage!

ust flexware collapsible bucket with strong, flexible, compact, BPA free design and sturdy handle for hiking, backpacking, camping and outdoor survival
  • dimensions: 7.75” H x 10” W (expanded), 2" H x 10" W (collapsed), 1.3 gallon capacity (5 liter) and weighs 12.6 oz
  • versatility: can be used for watering bowls for pets, as the perfect food bowl or as a hauler tub for firewood, sticks, water, supplies and more
  • durable: sturdy, plastic rim and base for added stability


This is a must for us. I’ve had to take many a trek to the dumpster at the campground after dark. And wearing a headlamp for a hands-free flashlight is so much better. Especially when the dog wants to come along and I only have two hands.

Energizer LED Headlamp Pro360, Rugged IPX4 Water Resistant Head Light, Ultra Bright Headlamps for Running, Camping, Outdoor, Storm Power Outage (Batteries Included)
  • � [SUPER BRIGHT LED]: Illuminates up to 85 meters with a 360-lumen beam of LED light in high mode - This head lamp can light up the room, or the campsite, with ease.
  • � [MAXIMUM DURABILITY]: Features a durable construction that withstands 1-meter drop test, a shatterproof lens, and a water-resistant IPX4 rated body - making this head light the perfect rugged companion both indoors and outdoors.
  • � [7 VERSATILE MODES]: Provides 7 light modes: high, low, wide, wide low, red, flashing red, and green. With versatile modes, you'll have optimal lighting for just about any situation.

Cordless, Rechargeable Vacuum

We travel with pets and kids. Need I say more? We have a central vac onboard our rig, but it’s not a brush type of vacuum. So while it’s great for the crevices and nooks and crannies, not so much for vacuuming up dog hair. I like the bagless, rechargeable stick vac because I can use it when boondocking too.

No products found.

Air Compressor

A portable air compressor is first and foremost important if you need to air up a tire. But it’s also helpful for other things like inflating paddleboards, innertubes or using compressed air to clean.

VIAIR 400P - 40045 Automatic Tire Inflator Portable Offroad Air Compressor for Truck & SUV | 12V On/Off Road Tire Pump Air Compressor Portable Heavy Duty 150 PSI, up to 35" Tires, Alligator Clips
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE *AUTOMATIC* OFFROAD COMPRESSOR (Model: 40045, 12V, 150 PSI, 35" Tires) - The 400P Portable Truck Air Compressor is 12V heavy-duty electric air compressor for offroad enthusiasts. Set your desired pressure and the compressor will shut off automatically when pressure reaches the set point. Its powerful, direct drive gearless motor and maintenance-free operation are perfect for tackling tough terrain. Ultra-compact and storable in its own carrying case.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE OFFROAD COMPRESSOR (Model: 40043, 12V, 150 PSI, 35" Tires) - The 400P Portable Truck Air Compressor is 12V heavy-duty air compressor for offroad enthusiasts. Its powerful, direct drive gearless motor and maintenance-free operation are perfect for tackling tough terrain. Ultra-compact and storable in its own carrying case, it's an essential tool for any off-road adventure, combining reliability with convenience.
  • INCLUDED COMPONENTS: 12V mini air compressor tire inflator has a 25 ft 5-in-1 inflator/deflator air hose with inline 100 PSI gauge, 8 ft power cord, deluxe dual-compartment carry bag, 3 inflation tips (3/16" nozzle, 5/16" nozzle, and needle adapter), and Presta Valve Adapter. Features: Aluminum I-Beam sand tray, thermal overload protector, 40-Amp inline fuse holder, press-on tire chuck.

Replacement Fuse Kit

This is a must-have for RV Living. On one of our first trips out, we blew a fuse to our main converter. which resulted in a power loss and our house batteries not charging. And of course, we did NOT have any extra fuses on hand. We were not anywhere near a store of any kind that sells fuses. Since then, we’ve learned and now carry a fuse kit with us. Better safe than sorry, especially for RV Life!

CrocSee 250 Pieces - Car Fuses Assortment Kit, Blade-Type Automotive Fuses - Standard & Mini Size (2A/3A/5A/7.5A/10A/15A/ 20A/25A/30A/35A/40A), Replacement Fuses for Car/RV/Truck/Motorcycle/Boat
  • The blade fuses are clearly marked with amperage and color coded for easy identification
  • Available in amperage ratings of 2A to 40A (rated at 32 volts), you could always find one that fits your auto
  • Includes both standard size & mini size; Perfect for Car/RV/Truck/Motorcycle/Boat

Cabinet Shelf Liner Paper (Anti Skid)

I use shelf liner paper in so many places in the RV. On cabinets, in drawers but also under things that I will leave on countertops during travel days. It’s not sliding off with the anti-skid shelf liner under it. We also have the kids use it under their laptops on travel days if their laptops are on the dinette table.

Shelf Cabinet Liner Non-Adhesive 12 in X 20 Ft, Strong Grip Non Slip Shelving Liner for Kitchen Cabinets, Easy Install Storage, Drawers, Shelves Kitchenware Tableware Light Gray Liners
  • Strong Grip: Shelf drawer liners are engineered with the non adhesive design, superior incredibly strong and powerful grip to reduce slipping and bunching in your drawers or cabinet shelves, keep organized items in place. Say no to the glue or sticky adhesive residue
  • Cushion Protection: Cabinet liner with thicker top and bottom holds liner and items in place with cushion and protection, Can be effective protect getting chipped or damaged even inside fast moving drawers or movable cabinet shelves. And open hole construction can breath to protect cabinets from accumulating unwanted dirt and debris
  • Fit Versatile Uses: Non slip shelving drawer liner mat for drawers kitchen cabinets shelf liners sideboards wardrobe shelves cupboards placemats car linings and more. It can also be used option for a slipping couch cushion or mattress, more purpose for waiting for you to discover, that organizing your space and family

Stainless Steel or tin Coffee mugs

My Happy Camper Mug is my favorite coffee mug! Moreover, I like the vacuum-insulated ones that keep my coffee hot longer. I know not everyone likes those types, so a tin cup works just as well for RV hot drinks like coffee. Because you do not want items that can break easily, using a porcelain mug or actual glass glassware is not preferred.

happy camper vacuum sealed mug with lid

Plastic Drinking cups

We use plastic tumblers in the RV because they’re not going to break if they fall out of a cabinet. I’ve been able to find them at Walmart for 50 cents each. You can also check places like Target and Ikea.

Melamine Plates

Melamine plates are unbreakable and very durable (not microwave-safe). They are dishwasher safe if you have access to a dishwasher. I like them for the times you want a “real” plate for things like steak or chicken.

Melamine Dinnerware Set for 4-12 Piece Dinner Dishes Set for Camping Use, Lightweight Unbreakable and Dishwasher Safe, Marble Pattern
  • 😊This melamine dinnerware set including - 4 x 11" dinner plates - 4 x 9" salad plates - 4 x 6" bowls.
  • 😘 This marble pattern dinnerware set suit for any outdoor and indoor activities, Such as RV, CAMPING, MOTORHOME, TRAILER, PATIO, SAILBOAT,etc. You will like it when you have outdoor activity.
  • 😋 This 12pcs dinnerware set made of durable melamine, a HARD PLASTIC material that feels like ceramic but is lighter and less prone to chipping and breaking than ceramic. Easy care makes them a perfect addition to your stoneware or others.

Cutlery and Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Speaking of eating a steak, if you’re going to have a nice juicy side of meat you want a REAL fork and knife! I got “real” cutlery for our RV at a local thrift store for about .10 cents per piece. Super easy way to outfit your RV. I use this expandable bamboo tray to keep it all in.

Masirs Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer, Easily Adjust the Wooden Tray Width to Drawer Size, Deep Enough to Fit Entire Drawer and Accommodates Different Kitchen Utensil and Cutlery Sizes
  • Eight compartment drawer organizer with that has generous capacity for flatware storage
  • The kitchen drawer organizer insert also has 2 sides that expand for custom fit storage space
  • Drawer Dividers make it useful for flatware, cutlery, utensils or other home areas in need of drawer organizing

Pet Fence (for kids or pets)

There was a time when Alaska decided to take off on me at a campground. It was not fun and it was a super embarrassing moment. You can watch more about it in the video below, however, if we had been using a pet fence the whole situation would NOT have occurred. We’ve also seen families use these style fences for younger children to create a safe space for them to play in as well.

FXW Rollick Dog Playpen Designed for Camping, Yard, 32" Height for Small/Medium Dogs, 16 Panels
  • 🐶【A win-win solution】The FXW Dog Playpen is designed to bring a win-win solution to you and your lovely dog. Different from a narrow enclosure cage or kennel, the FXW dog pen provides a spacious semi-open activity area specifically for your dog. Your dog will have fun in its safe and durable kingdom. Meanwhile, you can take a real break and be truly relaxed without worrying about your beloved pet. Fun, Relaxation and Well-being is the orientation of the FXW team.
  • 🐶【Unlock your freedom, savor the moment】The stakes are designed with rounded ball tops to protect the dog's claws from injury. The rods are easily inserted into the ground for greater stability and rigidity, which won't collapse when the dog leans against them. Also, the automatic gravity-actioned locking mechanism will ensure you can open and close the door smoothly and reduces the chance of dogs unlocking by themselves. All of this is designed for absolute safety, so you can really relax.
  • 🐶【Supper easy to assemble】It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to assemble these portable dog fences as well as pack them away due to the rod-connected design. Meanwhile, panels can be added or removed freely to give you a fully flexible area and arrange the dog pen in any shape you need.
Here is a little story about why a pet fence would have been handy!

LED Road Flare and Emergency Kit

If you’ve ever had to pull over on a country road in the dark, it can be a little scary. Especially when you are in a large rig or towing an RV. Having some road flares and a basic emergency kit could save your life.

Laser Temp Gun Reader

The temperature gauge on our dash went to the hot side one time. We pulled over to see what was going on in the engine area and had no clue if we really were overheating or if there was a malfunction with the gauge. We bought a laser temp reader after that. It’s handy for several applications. Another use case is for checking the temperature of the fins in the back of the fridge to make sure they are cold. We can also see how cool the air coming from the A/C vents is. There are lots of uses for this accessory when it comes to RV Life.

No products found.

Gorilla Tape

This is Ben’s solution to almost EVERYTHING when it comes to RV living. Torn awning? No problem, grab some Gorilla tape. Tow Bar won’t stay up? Gorilla Tape it. An area rug slipping around? Gorilla tape! I think you get the idea. But seriously, it’s like the old farmers bailing twine. It’s your “go-to” to temporarily fix most anything in an RV.

Gorilla All Weather Outdoor Waterproof Duct Tape, UV and Temperature Resistant, 1.88" x 25 yd, Black, (Pack of 1)
  • Gorilla All Weather Waterproof Duct Tape is designed for outdoor repairs that need to stand up to extreme weather conditions with a permanent bond
  • Made with an incredibly strong, permanent, butyl adhesive and a weather resistant shell, this tape withstands even extreme weather conditions
  • Works in hot and cold temperatures with a service temperature range of -40° F to 200° F; Application temperature above 40° F

Security Cameras

We have cameras both inside and outside the RV. Since we sometimes leave the dog back at the rig, it’s nice to be able to “check-in” on him to see how he is doing. So, we have an indoor camera for this purpose. We also have an outdoor magnetic mount camera where we can see what’s going on outside as well. We can pull this camera down on travel days and put it up once we’ve arrived at our campsite.

REOLINK E1 Outdoor Plug-in WiFi Security Camera, 5MP HD PTZ Camera for Home Security, Motion Tracking, 5GHz WiFi, 3X Optical Zoom, Person Vehicle Detection, Spotlight Color Night Vision, APP Control
  • 5MP HD & 3X OPTICAL ZOOM. E1 Outdoor security camera offers crystal-clear images and videos. 3X Zoom function alows you to find more details.
  • 355°PAN & 50° TILT. Control it up and down, left and right, you can easily control the PTZ outdoor camera by phone app to see every corners of your home.
  • 2.4/5 GHZ WIFI. Reolink E1 Outdoor provides dual-band WiFi options to strengthen network performance. PS: this WIRED wifi camera needs to be plugged into an adapter to get continuous power.

Accessories For Fun While RVing

National Park Stickers

We love our travel map of the United States but we also realized that we will fill in all 50 states within a few years’ time. So we wanted something to add to the mix to check off the places we’ve been. This National Park Sticker pack was a fun way to also put up a new sticker for each new National Park we visit along the way.

Daypack (for day trips)

I love my daypack for when we venture out, so I am not required to carry a purse and a water bottle separately. So I always bring a day pack for those hiking trips, trips to the zoo, or just “out and about” times. I’ve used the same daypack for close to 3 years now. It also has a loop on the front that is PERFECT to throw the go-pro camera on for when I have the camera with me too. It also has straps to loop through your water bottle so it doesn’t fall out of the side pouch.

OneTrail 30L Packable Hiking Daypack | Ultralight, Ripstop (Gunmetal Grey)
  • SUPER DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT TRAVEL BAG. Ultra-light, compact, yet spacious design. The packable design is perfect for a camping trip or to throw in your suitcase to use on vacation. Weighs only 12 oz. | 30L capacity when in use gives you ample space for all your gear!
  • KEEP YOUR GEAR ORGANIZED. Main compartment Includes Laptop/iPad separator and small accessory pocket to keep keys and other small items easily accessible. Three exterior pockets of varying sizes give you lots of options to organize everything you need for your adventures.
  • MADE FROM THE HIGHEST QUALITY RIPSTOP FABRIC. TOUGH ENOUGH FOR ALL YOUR ADVENTURES. Extremely durable RipStop fabric that is water resistant and machine washable. Provides long-lasting performance in a light, compact daypack! Comes with dual zippers and a stretchy mesh side pocket that fits almost any size water bottle.

Inflatable Kayak & Paddle Boards

These are some of our favorite “travel life” toys! We love being in and on the water. We’ve taken our inflatable kayaks out on Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho, Boyd lake in Colorado, and more. Both our paddleboards from Crewyn and our kayaks from Intex are inflatable. Which means they deflate for easy storage and transportation. They BOTH fit in our RV basement compartments easily. We have a portable pump that we can use (electrical) but they also both come with a manual pump that you can use to pretty quickly inflate them.

Intex Explorer K2 2 Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Comfortable Backrest, Aluminum Oars, and High Output Air Pump for Fast Inflation, Yellow
  • Outdoor 2-person watercraft kayak is made of rugged 30-gauge vinyl for stronger durability, ideal for lakes and mild rivers
  • Inflatable seats and backrests are adjustable for a comfortable ride and feature grab lines on both ends with a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Built with inflatable I-beam floors for stability and has a streamlined design for easy paddling and removable skeg that provides enhanced directional stability

Battery Operated Leaf Blower

This might seem like a strange thing to have as an RV accessory, but it comes in so handy! From blowing leaves off the tops of slides or camping rugs to blowing out the INSIDE of the rig, and more. So many uses that you will actually find come in handy for a leaf blower in RVing. We like the ego model because it’s pretty high power for a battery-operated unit and comes apart so is compact enough to store in your RV.

EGO Power+ LB6504 650 CFM Variable-Speed 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Leaf Blower 5.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • Turbo button delivers 650 CFM, up to 180 MPH with tapered nozzle attached
  • Up to 90 minutes of average runtime on a single charge with the included 56V 5.0Ah ARC Lithium battery
  • Variable speed dial from 225 CFM to 470 CFM with lock on button for ultimate control

Disposable Roasting Sticks (less mess is the best)

Do you enjoy s’mores around the campfire? We love the conversations “campfire” time brings. But no one likes sticky, messy roasting sticks after the fact. I am also not too hip to the idea of handing my kids a sharp pointed metal stick and having them stick it into a fire. So, we opted for disposable semi-pointed wooden roasting sticks. These keep kids at a safe distance from the fire, and the best part is you can just chuck the sticks in the fire pit when you’re done and they burn up! Or if you want to throw them away in the garbage, they are bio-degradable. They are super high quality and strong enough to even hold hot dogs!

Safe Marshmallow sticks for kids
Marshmallow Smores Roasting Bamboo Sticks 120-Pack Extra Long - Safe For Kids Design 36 Inch, 5mm Thick Wooden, Disposable Biodegradable Skewers Outdoor BBQ/Firepit, Hot Dogs, Kebab, S'Mores (120)
  • FOR ALL YOUR FOODIE NEEDS: The Grateful Glamper bamboo sticks were created to be an integral part of all your roasting occasions. Whether you fire up the barbecue grill, the campfire during your camping/hiking trip or the barrel/ fire pit- our wooden skewers will roast marshmallows, shish kebab sausages, hot dog wieners & any other delicacy or appetizer you can fit on them, safely & perfectly, every-single-time!
  • FAMILY DEAL: With a single purchase you’ll be able to roast away for days! Created to be the perfect value-for-money deal, our wooden barbecue sticks come in the ideal family size, and will be more than enough to last you 3-4 camping/ hiking trips, and even more BBQ gatherings.
  • ACCIDENT-PROOF DESIGN: Coming in at 36” long, our roasting bamboo sticks offer safer handling for avoiding accidents and greater-easier control when barbecuing large quantities that need simultaneous turning. In combination with the whopping 5mm thickness, you get a wooden skewer that’s dependable, handles well & does not break or splinter.

RV Hacks Book

What better way to learn about RV Living than from others who’ve been living this lifestyle? Marc and Julie Bennett from RV Love have written two books about RV Life. And their latest book, RV Hacks is chocked full of great hacks for RVers. We even got ourselves a SIGNED copy! Instead of learning about RVing in the school of hard knocks, grab a copy of their book on Amazon. We know you’ll be glad you did!

RV Hacks: 400+ Ways to Make Life on the Road Easier, Safer, and More Fun! (Life Hacks Series)
  • Bennett, Marc (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 240 Pages - 07/13/2021 (Publication Date) - Adams Media (Publisher)

RV Today Magazine

If you want to be a part of the community, find awesome places to travel in your RV, and learn about the greatest products for RVers, by RVers – then RVToday is the magazine for you! Since RV TODAY is not owned by dealerships, campgrounds, or manufacturers, you can get unbiased information on each issue. This makes a great gift for the RVer in your life too!

You’ll have to let us know if we are missing anything from this list! It seems we do find super cool new RV gadgets from time to time. So leave us a comment if you have a suggestion that we should add to this post.

Check out our latest video to see the RV accessories and gear that we recommend (and don’t recommend based on over 5 years of experience on the road) below!

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