RV Upgrades, Hacks, & Mods worth every cent!

When we got our first RV, we were clueless! There was so much we did not know and we learned a lot through trial and error! We’ve compiled a small list of some RV Upgrades & Mods we’ve made over the past few years (and some products that we just can’t live without now!) We know you’re going to LOVE some of these products and several of these RV Upgrades might not be as “pricy” as you think.

RV Upgrade #1

A new mattress. “This mattress that came with our RV is so comfortable” SAID NO ONE EVER! For several years we used a mattress topper to get us by, but this past year we finally decided to make this RV Upgrade and bought this memory foam mattress on Amazon. This was a GREAT value for the money as it was much cheaper than many of the other mattresses on the market and we get a great night’s sleep!

RV Mattress

RV Hack #2

USB outlet Block

You probably already know by know that RV’s are NOT like a sticks/bricks house when it comes to finding an electrical outlet. And with so many things powered with a USB now, having enough space to charge all the things can be a challenge when living the RV Life! These little gadgets solve a big problem for us 🙂

#3 RV Ladder Bike Rack

RV Bike Rack Ladder

Since we have 4 people so we need to transport 4 bikes. We have a hitch mount rack that carries 2 of our 4 bikes, but the other two (kids bikes) we put on our ladder rack. Which works GREAT! They are super secure on this rack and it easily folds out of the way when not in use. This is a great small RV upgrade to make!

#4 Surge Protector/Energy Management System

Surge Protector RV Upgrades

This is one of the best RV upgrades anyone can make. That is because this RV upgrade can save you THOUSANDS of dollars in potential damage. A problem with the electrical pedestal at campgrounds can wreak havoc on your RV electrical system. You will want to make sure you’re protected with one of these. We have done a ton of research and chose this particular surge protector from Progressive Industries. We’ve been using it for about 1 year no and it’s super easy to use and provides great protection.

#5 Luxury RV Upgrade – Garmin RV GPS

Garmin RV GPS RV Upgrade Luxury RV Upgrade

Have you ever found yourself on a dead end, 1 way street in your GIANT RV? Or have you found yourself when pulling a trailer in a situation where you need to turn around but it’s a tight fit? We found ourselves in situations like this more than once and had a “never again” moment. We sprang for this RV GPS! You can program in your RV info such as height and length and this Garmin GPS . It will help keep you off those sketchy roads! As a side note, we also got the swivel mount that helps to keep it on the dash and eliminates the need to mount on a glass surface.

#6 Unique RV Upgrade/Product

When we travel, we are rarely at the RV Park or Campground all day unless we need a full work day. This means that most days we are out exploring, sightseeing, hiking, biking, etc. We also keep costs down with NOT eating out often. Do you know how expensive that becomes with two kids who are pre-teens? 😮 Since we bring food and ESPECIALLY drinks along with us, a soft sided cooler is a great product to own. Why softsided? Because having an item easy to “smush” into a smaller space in the RV is a game changer for storage! We received this cooler from Bouge RV to try out. And it’s been working great! (Much better than the old Coleman one we had). It’s waterproof inside and out and keeps ice and things cold for a good, full day!

#7 Killer RV Upgrades – Snap Pads

Best RV Upgrades RV Snap Pads

We are SO GLAD we installed these Snap Pads on our RV. We’ve camped in several areas where the campgpound did not have cement or gravel pads to park on, but rather we parked on a grassy area. After being parked for a few days, guess what? Yep, we sunk. And THEN if you are off kilter in the rain, guess what happens? (Leaks!) These are a game change for leveling and super easy to install (check out our video on the install process).

#8 Luxury RV Upgrades – Security Cameras

RV UPdgrades Cameras

A recent RV Upgrades we did was to install some security cameras. These camera’s from Reolink are wireless and you can use the app to check on things as needed. The other thing that is great about these cameras is that they have a small solar panel for charging. How cool is that? We added two of these cameras (more in our video) one for the inside of the RV and one for the outside.

RV Upgrade #9 – Water Hose Quick Connect

These connectors make hooking up to the water at a campground super easy. No need to screw and unscrew the hose fittings any longer. Easily connect the hoses to the RV when hooking up your RV.

RV Upgrades Hose Connectors

Small RV Upgrade #10 – Button Lights

Button Lights RV Upgrades

We added these button lights when we renovated our RV. It’s easy to see why we love them! They are flush mount and easy to turn off and on. Also, since they are LED they do not get hot like most RV lights and put out a nice amount of light. Very easy to install too!

Small RV Upgrade/Product #11 – Dish Dry Rack

Roll Up Dish Rack

This roll up dish rack has been a lifesaver and it was one of the first purchases I made for RV Life. Being able to roll and unroll for storage is very helpful! Plus, it’s a super easy (and cheap) item that makes RV Living much easier.

RV Upgrade/Product # 12 – Microfiber Travel Towels

Travel Towels

Have you ever noticed how long it takes traditional terry cloth towels to fry when they are hung in an rv? Especially since you cannot hang them like in a sticks and bricks house. (Most of us are using hooks instead of a towel rack). Or if you’re using a towel rack, they are lying on top of each other. These microfiber towels have CHANGED all of that! They dry very quickly and I can wash 4 of them in our small RV washer/dryer unit! PLUS Venture 4th gave us a great discount for our viewers! Save 25% by using the code: 25OFF259 when purchasing on Amazon.

RV Upgrade # 12 – Nano Tape

Nano Tape RV Upgrade

This is a product that has revolutionized RV Life for me! This “nano” mounting tape is re-usable and washable! It holds up to 5 pounds. We’ve used to mount several things in our RV including photos, command hooks and some small wooden boxes. It also works great to secure items to counter surfaces, etc.

Small RV Upgrade # 13 – Shelf Liner Paper

Shelf Liner Paper RV Upgrades

Shelf liner not only is helpful for the actual shelves and drawers but also for being able to put things on the counter on travel days (see our video for more information on how we do this!)

RV Upgrades – Grateful Glamper Products!

marshmallow roasting sticks

Did you know we have two private label products available on Amazon? We love our extra long bamboo marshamallow roasting sticks that are disposable. (Insert the hallelujah chorus here for NO messy clean up)! These are also semi-pointed so kid “safer” for s’mores night.

Fire Starters 36 Count Bag

And to get that fire going, check out our all natural fire starters made with paraffin wax and wood shavings. These are a great chemical free way to get that bonfire (or charcoal grille) going!

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