Exploring Monument Valley: A Guide to the Park’s Top Attractions, Hikes, and RV Camping

monument valley utah

Monument Valley Utah did not disappoint! In this video, we show you some great places to take some pics, The Gouldings Campground and Museum and talk a little bit about the history of the area.

monument valley utah

Monument Valley is located on the Navajo Nation Reservation in Utah and is a destination that is sure to take your breath away. The valley is known for its iconic sandstone buttes and mesas, which have been featured in countless films and photographs. Here’s a guide to experiencing all that Monument Valley has to offer:

  1. Take in the breathtaking views: Monument Valley offers some of the most iconic views in the American Southwest. The best way to experience the valley is by taking a drive through the park and stopping at the various viewpoint areas. Some popular spots for photography include John Ford’s Point and the Mitten Buttes Viewpoint.
  2. Visit the location of the famous movie Forest Gump: The movie Forest Gump was filmed in Monument Valley, specifically in the area known as the Forrest Gump Point. Visitors can take a short hike to the spot where Forrest Gump stood on the rock and gazed out over the valley.
  3. Stay at Gouldings Campground: Gouldings Campground offers a range of camping options, including RV sites and tent camping. The campground is located within the Monument Valley Tribal Park, and it offers easy access to the park’s main attractions.
  4. Visit the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park: The park is home to the Navajo people and offers visitors the chance to learn more about the Navajo culture and history. Visitors can take guided tours of the park led by Navajo guides, and learn about the traditional way of life, customs, and history of the Navajo people.
  5. Gooseneck State Park: Gooseneck State Park is located just outside of Monument Valley, and it offers spectacular views of the valley. Visitors can hike to the viewpoint area and take in the panoramic views of the valley.
  6. Visit the small town of Mexican Hat: The small town of Mexican Hat is located just outside of Monument Valley and offers visitors the chance to experience the local culture. Visitors can visit the local museum and learn about the history of the area, and also enjoy a cold beer at the local tavern.
  7. Take a scenic drive: A drive through Monument Valley is not to be missed. The valley offers a diverse range of landscapes, and visitors can experience the park’s beauty by taking a scenic drive through the park.
Gouldings campground

Monument Valley is a must-see destination for anyone who loves natural beauty and outdoor adventure. The valley’s iconic sandstone buttes and mesas, and the Navajo culture, history, and way of life, make it a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

This just might be our favorite episode of the season, and be sure to watch until the end for some fun bloopers too.

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