How To Make Income While Traveling

The #1 question we are asked in the comments of our videos and also when we meet people is what we do for work (we are not retired). And how to create an income that you can take with you on the road. In this post, we will share what we do for work, what you will need to work and travel, and 9 ideas of ways to work and travel.

Income on the road

And towards the end of the post, I will share the #1 job people think will make their money on the road that rarely works out.

Working From The Road

When we first started dreaming of RV Life we had a problem. Only 1 of us had a job that was “portable.” meaning a job that we could take with us on the road and work from anywhere. Ben was “stuck” in the 9-5 grind and when he approached his boss about working remotely, it was a “no way, no how” answer. This being the case, we knew we needed to have a way to create income and work while traveling. And after some research, we settled on starting a business selling products on Amazon.

Getting Started – How to Create Income On The Road

How we got our start by taking a business training called “Amazing Selling Machine.” When others ask us about how they can also get started with selling physical products online, we highly recommend this business training. Had we not invested in this training, I highly doubt we would have been successful. Selling on Amazon is something that is not “ABC simple” and takes some knowledge to set things up right. This training gave us a “tool belt” to be successful.

Different Buckets Of Income

We have since sold the first brand we started on Amazon. While we still have a brand selling on Amazon under our name of Grateful Glamper, we also have other “buckets” of income if you will. We’ve learned over the years it’s wisdom to have many sources of income. Some of our other income sources in addition to selling products on Amazon are:

3 Must-Have Items To Work From The Road

Income on the Road Working From Laptop

There are a few tools you will need to work from the road. Most RVer has these anyway, but when working while traveling they are a must.  

Internet connection!

A good solid internet connection is a must. Do NOT rely on campground wifi. You can check out our video on our mobile internet setup here. Another great resource is the Mobile Internet Resource Center.  

Laptop computer

This is something you will want because carrying around a full-size desktop with monitors, etc in your RV (while it can be done) is cumbersome. There are also going to be times when you might want to work from a coffee shop, sitting outside your RV, by the lake, or on the beach. Being able to be MOBILE is important. We personally use and recommend Macbooks.

#3 Organization skills and discipline to keep yourself on task.

This comes naturally for some and it’s a learned skill for others. You will need to be able to carve out the time you need for work.  

9 Ways To Create Income On The Road

Remote work positions for other companies

There are many types of positions where you can work remotely. A great place to start is to negotiate with your current employer if your job could potentially be done remotely. There is no point in changing careers or employers if you do not have to. Some different types of jobs that can be done remotely include:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Admin Assistant
  • Customer Support
  • Tech Support

We found several companies that hire for FULLY remote positions. Check out this short list and then do some research for others as well.

Learning on the road
Learning on-line!

Income On The Road By Teaching online

We’ve seen people teaching many things from the road in their RVs. We’ve seen people teaching piano online, violin lessons online, teaching English online (mainly to foreign students), online tutoring, and more.

Our son struggles with dyslexia. He has an online tutor that is taking him through the Barton program. This is a program designed for people who struggle with dyslexia and helps with things like spelling, reading, and more. This is always a need for tutors to get certified in this program and help struggling kids. You can learn more about the Barton Program here.

If you have something you can teach, you can probably teach it online. We once had a tour guide tell us she taught an online class on how to smoke cigars!

Online Coaching, Counseling & Consulting

There are many options for online counseling and coaching. And people need counselors, coaches, and consultants! How this looks and plays out can vary, but if you are a qualified counselor or therapist, check out

If you have expertise in an area, consider coaching or consulting. We see the value in coaching in our lives, marriage, business, etc. We will hire coaches from time to time to work with us to sharpen our skills and give us more tools in whatever area of life we need.

One of our income buckets is also a coaching service we provide to people selling on Amazon. You can learn more on our coaching site Physical Product Pros.

Temp Jobs For Income On The Road

One option is to travel to a specific area and then work a temporary, seasonal, or contract position for a certain amount of time. This can also be a great way to travel and work all at the same time. Some different types of jobs we’ve seen people work on this type of basis are:

  • Work camping
  • Travel Nursing
  • Security detail 
  • Surf or ski instructors
  • Boat captain
  • Harvest help
  • Seasonal Shop Help (think areas like small towns around National Parks, etc)

Software, Website, and App Developers

Many of these types of positions in development are remote. You can even get a google training certificate if you are willing to learn new skills. Many of these types of jobs are in very high demand and are all done remotely.

income on the roadcampground

Social Media Manager

I have been a social media manager full time and I still do this on a part-time basis. I’m a social butterfly anyways, so I decided why not be a “professional” social butterfly for companies and brands? Do you have experience in a field that could make you a great social media manager? My background was in the automotive industry on the service side. So I was able to work with a large company that provides products and services to the automotive service industry and manage their social media accounts. Ask yourself if you have experience or knowledge in a specific niche. With a little training in social media platforms and you can easily help companies with social media.


Create an income on the road by freelancing. Think about whatever skill set you might currently have. Things like copy editors, video editors, graphic design, and more are in high demand. Freelancing for businesses who just need one-off jobs done here and there is a great way to use your skills on the road.

Create An Income by Starting Your Own Business

We started our own physical products business that was done in a very hands-off way by selling on Amazon. You can also think about making handmade items and selling through platforms like Etsy, and eBay or creating your own website. Another business idea is selling crafted items at Farmer’s Markets in different areas you travel to. Some other businesses we’ve seen RV’ers run from the road are a Mobile RV tech service and RV Wash.

work travel day

Multi-Level Marketing Companies

If you enjoy people and love recruiting, an MLM business might be for you. With the day and age of social media, most of these direct sales/MLM types of businesses can be run completely from the road. The MLM type of business model is not for everyone, but there are those to enjoy it and are very successful.

The #1 job that does not pan out

There is a misconception about a way to make an income on the road that many people think you can jump into and start making money with right away. This is becoming a YouTuber or social media influencer. This will NOT make you money on the road at least for a while. Building a platform that can be monetized takes time.

Most everyone we know with a monetized Youtube Channel ALSO has a job doing something else full-time. You can definitely create some income with Youtube or social media, but it takes several years to get to this point.

So be prepared to make a living from other sources for at least 2-3 years while you are working on building your platform.

Let us know in the comments if you are working from the road and what you’re doing to create an income on the road!

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  1. What would you recommend how to sell on Amazon. So many online that might be scams don’t know which to use. Going on disability and need another source of income.