How Much Does RV Living Cost?

How expensive is RV Life and what does “true” RV Living Cost? We traveled over 6,000 miles summer of 2021. And keeping track of all of our costs/expenses including fuel, campgrounds, and more. I’ve gotten pretty good at trying to keep things inexpensive so towards the end of this post I will also have some tips on ways to save money on fuel, campgrounds, and activities.

RV Living Cost RV travel down the road

RV Travel Vs. RV Living

We love RV life and more specifically RV travel. Part of the compelling reason to have a home on wheels is the ability to be able to move from place to place and see different areas of the country. Another one of the benefits is also being able to move on. If for some reason things don’t feel right in the campground you’re in. You can pull in the slides, pull up the levelers, and move on to a different campground. Our top video (of all time) was about a situation where we had to move campgrounds. And the reason why was pretty unbelievable, so if you want to watch that you can find it on our YouTube channel.

Many people ask us how we afford RV life and think this lifestyle is expensive. And then others feel that moving into an RV and living the travel life is cheaper than sticks and bricks and living. So what does RV Living really cost?

So Who is Right? Expensive or Cheap? 

We’re going to share with you our experience and after you see our REAL world numbers maybe you can let us know in the comments below if you think this lifestyle is expensive or if it’s cheaper than “traditional” sticks and bricks living.

Why We RV Travel – Experiences Over Things

Now we do NOT live this lifestyle to save money on expenses. We live this lifestyle to have experiences, see new places and faces, and explore. And we prioritize our financial resources to focus on these goals. Because our goals experience RV Living cost for us might be different than for someone who is stationary.

For example, during the holidays or birthdays, we have a very small budget for gifts for our children and we forgo giving gifts to each other. Last year we did 4 days at Disney with our kids for their Christmas presents. (FYI – Don’t ever do 4 days at Disney IN A ROW. Just a word of wisdom from experience – spread it out a little)!

Experiences cost money. So as we share with your our 2021 numbers, we have a column on our budgeting and planning sheet we use to track these “excursion” type expenses. 

SHAMELESS PLUG – I love a good spreadsheet and so I have made the google/excel format budgeting and trip planning sheet that I created available as a FREE download. (Note: You can download our budgeting sheet for FREE here).

RV Living Cost RV MoochDocking

(Not) RV Living Cost

It’s important to note some costs we are NOT going to include in the overall expense report. And that is because these are not really “RV Living” related expenses rather these are costs that you will have regardless of Full Time RV Living OR living in a sticks/bricks home.  

Some of these “life” expenses are:

  • Groceries. You are going to shop for groceries whether you are on the road or not. Your grocery budget will not necessarily change just because of a change of lifestyle with RVing. Whatever you spend on groceries now, you can pretty much expect to spend on the road. Unless you are visiting a very expensive area like maybe Southern California or New York City. The cost of groceries in some areas can be higher.
  • Eating Out. This is a personal habit and lifestyle choice. This habit doesn’t necessarily change as you jump in the RV, Bus, or Van. So if you realize you are spending too much on eating out currently, realize it’s a personal habit to work on. How often you choose to eat out is really unrelated to a Nomadic Lifestyle. 
  • Insurances. You will need insurance for your car, RV, life insurance (unless you are “self-insured” via personal wealth), and health insurance. These are “life” expenses.
  • Cell Phone/mobile internet. This expense is a “gray area” because you might need a better travel plan for mobile internet. We do have a video where we have shared those expenses along with our mobile internet and cell phone setup. It’s not elaborate and it works. We also have Starlink as a backup option for when our hot spots aren’t getting a very good signal.

The “Real” RV Living Cost

Ok now that we have laid aside “life” costs vs. RV Living Costs, let’s talk about the true cost of an RV Lifestyle. These expenses can be really broken down into 3 categories. And we are going to share our numbers from our most recent large haul this past summer of 2021. 

RV Living Cost
Moochdocking at a relative’s house

3 Main Expenses for RV Living

  • Fuel
  • Campgrounds
  • Excursions/sightseeing

As we dive into our numbers there are a few facts that are important to know: We traveled 6881 miles in our RV and about 1,000 miles driving in our Jeep. We were on the road (away from our home base) for 76 days (or about 2.5 months). 


  • Fuel – total cost $3,148.79
    • Total Miles Traveled in Our RV – 6,881 miles.
    • This included fuel for both our Jeep and RV
    • We used our Generator on the RV from time to time which shares diesel fuel with the RV fuel tank. We used the generator often as this summer was FREAKING HOT! And during travel days we wanted to keep everyone cool – especially the pets. We had one day in particular when we visited Theodore Rosevelt National Park in North Dakota where it was over 100 degrees. Running the generator while parked was a perfect way to keep all of us comfortable while eating lunch.
    • How we save on fuel. Our TSD Logistics card saved us approximately $400 in fuel costs! The average price we paid for Diesel Fuel was around $2.90/gallon. There were some areas where there were no fuel stations that participated in the program. If you are a TSD member you can use the open roads app to check for fuel station locations and prices. We did use this app frequently to find the best deals on Diesel fuel. We do not have an affiliate relationship in any way with TSD Logistics but we truly love the savings to be had with their program. Another way to save on fuel is Good Sam members save .05/gallon for gasoline and .08/gallon on diesel fuel at Flying J and Pilot locations.
Rv Living cost fuel


  • Campground Costs – you will have to have a place to stay!
    • Our total cost was $2167.14 It averages out to just under $29/night for the duration of our trip
    • We did “moochdock” for almost a month in Colorado. However, we did give our family member $100 for the added utility costs and have included this in our numbers. During this “mooch-docking” stay, we were hooked up to only a household 110 outlet. However, we could run 1 a/c and still run our washer/dryer, etc. This is in part because of Soft Start RV. We did make a video about how Soft Start RV works when we installed them in our RV which gives more information on how they work.
    • How we saved on campground costs. We did 5 nights of “lotdocking” in parking lots and 1 more night of “moochdocking” at another family member’s house. We LOVE Cracker Barrel overnight parking when we can find it. This is in part because we love having a great breakfast before jumping on the road!
    • Another way we saved on campgrounds was by finding city-run and county-run campgrounds that were $30/night or less.
RV Living Cost Campground

Doing All The Things

  • Excursions/Activities
    • $887.00 was our total during this summer 2021 trip.
    • Went to a St. Louis Cardinals Game
    • Visited City Museum in St. Louis
    • Visited a State Park in Colorado with our inflatable Kayaks
    • Kayak Trip in the Apostle Islands in WI
    • Ferry to Mackinac and rented bikes 
    • Savings TIP! We do a lot of free things like hiking or using our own kayaks on local lakes.
    • We had a 4th Grade National Park pass so all of the National Parks we visited were FREE!
RV Michigan Mackinac Island beautiful water

These are just the costs of our large summer trip for 2021. We take many other trips throughout the year away from our home base. For example, we’ve recently been to Venice, FL, and visited the Miami area. (We highly recommend Biscayne National Park)!

We purposely moved our home base to Central Florida. This was so we can be in closer proximity to areas that we can visit during an extended weekend, etc.

Results Can Vary

Now your costs for RV Life might be different. We’ve seen other videos of people sharing their costs for RV Living that are less and we’ve seen others sharing with higher costs. Your goal in living an RV Life will make a difference in costs. The less you travel, the lower the costs. The more you travel and the more you do the higher the costs.

Our goal is to have experiences over things. So our costs will be higher than others with a goal of RV Living to save money.

Costs can vary but we hope we’ve given you a rough idea of what to maybe plan for. Let us know in the comments more about what your goals are for RV Life!

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