5 Secrets Only The Smartest RVers Know

So we’ve been on the road for about 4 years. And we’ve learned a TON of hacks, tips, and tricks along the way. We’ve noticed some “reoccurring themes” from time to time when it comes to the RV Living Tips that others have recommended (and that we’ve also learned firsthand). It’s SO nice when you can learn from other Rvers and NOT in the “school of hard knocks” as it were.

We share these things because we FIRMLY believe in helping others in the RV community. 

So in the spirit of learning from each other, leave a comment and let us know if you are one of the smartest RV’ers that is already putting all 5 of these things into practice. OR what tips do you have for RV Living as well?

Call A Truck Center

If you need a repair on the chassis of the RV, call or use a truck center. Most of the time these centers can get you in faster than an RV dealer and for less cost than an RV Dealer charges. 

RV Repair Caterpillar Service

If you have a diesel-engine RV, try a Semi Truck shop. We have a cat engine and a Freightliner Chassis in our diesel pusher. We’ve had great service at both Cat dealers and Freightliner service centers. 

If you have a gas-engine RV, try a heavy-duty truck shop or service center. (Like a truck center that services U-haul trucks, box delivery trucks, etc).

For a B Class Van, most auto repair facilities can help you out with any chassis-related repairs.

If you have a 5th wheel or travel trailer, check with a trailer shop. Many dealers that sell trailers like horse trailers, or enclosed trailers also have a service side. Most of these types of service centers can and will work on RV trailers for services like axle repairs, brake repairs, wheel bearings, etc.

RV Dealers are experiencing large backlogs, especially on the service side. Any professional service center like the ones we just mentioned can usually provide a quick turnaround. 

Make Use Of Wasted RV Space

There is a TON of wasted space in RVs that can be repurposed for storage. We modified a spot under our couch to store things. This was NOT designed to be a storage space by the manufacturer. (Check out the video to see more about how we made this mod). We’ve since been looking at all sorts of “wasted space” storage areas that we can repurpose for more storage and will be working on more storage mods in the coming months.

Use Quick Drying Towels

Quick Drying Towels! We like the microfiber towels from Venture 4th but some RVers use Turkish towels as well. You have to get used to the feel as it’s kind of like a body chamois BUT these dry SUPER fast. Once hung up, they dry quickly and take up WAY less space. PLUS, if you have an onboard washer/dryer you can fit several into a load, and did we mention they dry super quick? You can find the towels we love and use here.

VENTURE 4TH Chamois Travel Towel - Small Sports Towel: Portable Pack Towels for Sea, Summit, Camping, Backpacking, Swimming - Quickdry and Absorbant (Orange-Gray Large)
  • ✅ QUICK DRY TOWEL: Microfiber dries up to 10 x faster than regular cotton towels. People love to use mesh bag included as this keeps your other luggage clean fresh and dry. Use the handy loop to hang in the shower or attach to your golf buggy.
  • ✅ MONEY BACK ASSURANCE: Our Camp Towels are DESIGNED TO LAST and backed by our Lifetime Warranty. You the customer are our number 1 priority and if any time you feel that we could do better, we are here for you. So order now, risk free.
  • ✅ SKIN FRIENDLY: Our towels are ultralight, comfortable and SIGNIFICANTLY SOFTER THAN OTHERS. Made from the highest quality microfibers we use a high thread count to ensure they are SOFT AGAINST YOUR SKIN making them a pleasure to use.

Less Is More!

Less is more. You don’t need all the things! We cannot tell you how many times we brought stuff along and NEVER used it.

You can figure out along the way what you really need, but start with basics, food, and clothes and head out for a long weekend and see what you really need (or did not need!) 

Know Your RV Height

And this is more of “not a secret” vs. a secret. Because you really don’t want it to be a mystery…..

The Smartest Rvers know the height of their RV. You NEED to know if you can fit under that overpass before you lose your rooftop A/C’s (or worse your whole roof)!

We have a sticker we placed on the dash so we’re not left guessing when staring down a bridge. Do NOT trust the manufacturer’s spec sheet for this but get out the measuring tape and measure for yourself. This is something the smartest RV’ers don’t take someone else’s word for. Trust, but verify. 

And there you have it! 5 Secrets the Smartest RVers know (and now so do you)!

Let us know your thoughts and what secrets you have discovered while living the RV Life!

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