RV Living With Kids

RV life with Kids

A family is one of the most important things to most of us. So being able to spend time with the ones we love is invaluable. We’ve found traveling by RV is way easier than the traditional “car” road trip.

For starters, you know that whole “I’ve gotta go potty?” thing? Solved! You’ve got an onboard bathroom if you’re in a motorhome. Then there is the “I need a drink/snack/food” part. Easy peasy – you see that cupboard there? Knock yourself out. Or better yet, we have an onboard fridge too.

Probably one of my favorite parts of traveling in our class A motor home with the kids is the whole space thing. One kid has her space and one kid has his space. And as long as everyone stays in their space…..well…..that can be a slight struggle, but it’s usually pretty good.

Now for one of the harder things – the kids want to bring everything they own! (Well, maybe not everything, but it sure seems like it!). Space in an RV is very limited so trying to limit the kids to just the essentials can be a little difficult. Here are a few “hacks” I’ve learned in Rving over the past 2 years.

Each kid gets a basket or bin

I’ve used both circular-type laundry baskets and also square bins. I prefer the square bins because I found they fit very neatly under our dinette so they are out of the way and we are not tripping over them.

Bring whatever you want, but everything must fit in the basket

The next “rule” for the kiddos is whatever you bring needs to fit in your bin. If it doesn’t fit, you don’t bring it. (This, of course, excludes clothes as they go in drawers). We also have the kids clean up their area at the beginning and then end of each day by putting everything away in their respective bins.

The RV Map

RV Map

I think part of the fun of visiting new places is filling in the states on the map along the way. It’s also a great geography lesson! We usually take turns filling these in and on some travel days, we have several to add by the time we stop for the night!

Pent up energy

One thing we learned rather quickly on travel days (these are days when we are moving from one place to the next) is the kids start to go bonkers after about 6 hours. We try to limit our travel time to 4-7 hours (max) drive time in one day. The other thing we do is have the kids go play at whatever playground is at the RV park we are staying at OR ride bikes around OR do something to get some energy out!

All in all, we love RV’ing with our kids. We wanted to be able to travel and see the USA with our kids while they are still young (and before mom and dad become un-cool). Because of our ability to have time and location freedom, we are free to move about the country!

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