Exploring the Natural Wonders of Yosemite National Park: Our Top Must-Do Activities

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Yosemite National Park! It’s a pretty amazing place – have you been yet? In the latest video, we show you around this gem of a National Park PLUS the quaint little town of Hanford, CA, and the BEST ice cream place(s) ever!

We first visited Bridalveil Falls, which is the first waterfall you’ll see when entering Yosemite Valley. It plunges 620 feet and you can feel the mist with a slight breeze, which felt Amazing after the easy 20-minute hike. We would have to say Yosemite was one of our favorite National Parks so far.

Bridalveil Falls

The waterfall gets its name from the way the water flows, which is said to resemble a bride’s veil.

One of the best ways to experience Bridalveil Falls is by taking the short, paved trail to the base of the falls. The trailhead is located just off the main road through the park and is accessible to visitors of all ages and abilities. The hike is about a half-mile round trip, and it offers stunning views of the falls and the surrounding landscape.

The best time to visit Bridalveil Falls is during the spring when snowmelt is at its peak and the falls are at their fullest. However, the waterfall is also beautiful during the summer and fall, when the water flow is more moderate. Visitors are recommended to check the park’s website for the current water flow and trail access status due to the weather conditions.

In addition to the waterfall, the Bridalveil Falls trail also offers the opportunity to see a variety of native wildflowers and wildlife, such as black bears, mule deer, and mountain lions. This trail is an excellent introduction to Yosemite and a must-see destination for all park visitors.

We didn’t have a chance to visit Glacier National Park or Yellowstone National Park this time around since we had to b line it back to Colorado to get our house ready to sell (the process went quicker than anticipated – see latest YouTube video on our plans to move our home base), but we will be surely back to visit next year when settled into our new place!

You can make reservations for Zion National Park at Recreation.gov. We recommend that you book early due to everything going on to ensure you have a spot when you travel through the park. A few more ideas of things you can do while visiting Yosemite National Park:

  1. Hike to Yosemite Falls: One of the most popular hikes in the park, the trail to Yosemite Falls offers breathtaking views of the upper and lower falls.
  2. Explore Mariposa Grove: Home to over 500 giant sequoias, Mariposa Grove is a must-see for any nature lover. Take a guided tour or hike on your own through the grove to see some of the largest trees on earth.
  3. Climb Half Dome: For the more adventurous, a hike to the top of Half Dome offers panoramic views of the park and the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountain range.
  4. Visit Glacier Point: A popular viewpoint that offers stunning views of the park, including Half Dome, Yosemite Valley, and the High Sierra.
  5. Go rock climbing: Yosemite is a rock climber’s paradise, with challenging routes for experienced climbers and beginner routes for those just starting out.
  6. Take a scenic drive: Take a leisurely drive on Tioga Road, which runs through the park and offers beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
  7. Go rafting or kayaking: The Merced River offers a chance to cool off and take in the beauty of the park from a different perspective.
  8. Attend a ranger-led program: The park offers a variety of ranger-led programs, including guided nature walks, stargazing, and campfire programs, which provide an in-depth look at the park’s natural and cultural history.
  9. Go skiing and snowboarding: During the winter, the park offers downhill and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding.
  10. Visit the Ansel Adams Gallery: The gallery features the work of renowned photographer Ansel Adams, who captured the beauty of Yosemite in his iconic black and white photographs.

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Yosemite National Park
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