Natural Fire Starters


  • GET YOUR FIRE GOING, NO MATTER WHERE: For all your fire needs, our firestarters will be your go to companion. Get the perfect fire going for your barbecues, Weber/Green Egg/Kamado grills, woodstoves, fireplaces, bbq pit/ barrel smokers- our charcoal chimney starter delivers in both value & practicality
  • ?WET OR WINDY? NO PROBLEM: Nothing will keep you from enjoying your camping/ hiking in the woods or preparing a feast at home. With extra wood to enhance the firmness, our lightning nuggets offer a fool-proof way to get your fire going when it’s damp, windy or even when you get damp logs. In no time, you’ll be enjoying the perfect fire with your loved ones gathering around!
  • YOUR ECO-FRIENDLY FIRESTARTER: The Grateful Glamper fire-starting logs are eco-friendly through and through, ethically sourced for sustainability, with zero harmful or hazardous chemicals. Enjoy your meats, pizzas & grilled delicacies without added chemical flavors or toxic smells, like those that commonly come with low-grade gel-wax-stick fire starters
  •  10-12 MINUTES OF BURNING TIME: With the Grateful Glamper fire-starting chunks, you will have enough time to get the perfect fire going. The long-lasting effect allows our fire starter sticks to burn for 10-12 minutes, giving you even more value per nugget.
  •  THE GRATEFUL GLAMPER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Why are we so passionate about our products? Because we’re outdoor enthusiasts and love to use them with our families. And we’re sure you’ll love our product too! That’s why we offer upon each purchase of our fire starter packs, our ironclad Money Back Guarantee- If it does not deliver on everything we promised, we refund you- No Questions asked!


Get the Perfect Fire Going, With The Grateful Glamper Firestarters!

There’s nothing better than gathering around a fire with your loved ones- whether it’s a BBQ, a campfire, a wooden stove preparing the night’s meal, or a grill tingling your nose with heavenly smells.

Our fire starter logs allow you to safely start your fire for all your needs, and get it perfect- every single time.

A Highly Versatile Fire Starter

The perfect tool to complete any fire starter kit, our firestarters are perfect for:

✔ Barbecues

✔ Green Egg, Kamado, Weber or any standard grills

✔ Pit & Barrell Smokers

✔ Campfires

✔ Wooden Stoves

✔ Fireplaces

Light your fire for any occasion and rest assured that you will get it going indoors, as well as outdoors even with wet/ windy weather conditions or damp logs, as our charcoal firestarters are waterproof.

Plus, with a burning time of 10-12 minutes, you have always enough time to get your logs ready, create the perfect conditions for the hearth & enjoy the ideal results, the foolproof way.

Ecologically Sourced

Using our own products to warm up or prepare food for our families, meant that we had to find the absolute best quality fire starters there is- There are no cutting corners when it comes to the health of your loved ones!

Enjoy full peace of mind, as our firestarters are an eco-friendly choice, sustainably sourced, with zero chemicals or toxic lacing.

No smells, no chemical flavoring on your delicacies- only pure fiery goodness!

Plus, With All Your Purchases, You enjoy Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Click Add To Cart Today & Enjoy Your Time By The Fire, With Zero Hassle! 
natural fire starters