Enjoy The Journey – Camping Journal and RV Logbook


The Grateful Glamper Journal Keeps All The Details Alive For You:

  • Details about the camp (name, dates, location & more)
  • Who did you camp with?
  • What were your favorite activities
  • What were your favorite gastronomic experiences?


A Good Life is all about Good Memories- Save & Savor Yours Today! How To Preserve Memories in Amazingly Vivid Details in a Few Easy Steps

Adventure, memories, laughter under starry skies and unique moments by the fire- nothing comes close to the magic of a well lived adventure.

If you’re an adventurer, an explorer, a person that wakes up with wanderlust in their mind, our journal will be there to help you relive those amazing points in time, in vivid detail, without having to rely on memory alone.

Grateful Glamper brings you a 75 page-long personal journal, filled with practical prompt questions to help you jot down in detail everything you experienced your latest camping trip.

What’s more, you have space to also take your personal notes to really capture anything and everything that stood out.

Imagine being able to travel back in time with just your mind- Record up to 36 camping trips in one book, and treasure your trips down memory lane as you are now able to reminisce livid pictures that rekindle the warmth of those days.

Looking for a Meaningful Gift?

Whether you’d like to treat yourself or someone in your life who adores adventures and brands themselves an explorer, we have you covered.

This wonderful little book of memories can become a trustworthy keepsake for RV lovers, as well as camping and hiking enthusiasts alike.